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Monday, 10 November 2014

Back To Life....

Hey hey Fashionistas! Today's outfit is a transitional summer into Autumn look, I think I have finally let summer go but it did take me a long while this year, which I am happy about since I despise the winter months! Despite my hatred of all things cold and wintry, I am rather partial to jackets and coats. I would say I have a problem with them, faux furs, bombers, duffel coats, military jackets, kimonos, denim jackets, I actually miss my faux fur jackets during the summer months....yep, I definitely have a problem! 
Today's jacket of choice is the bomber jacket, warm enough to wear with thin layers underneath during the transitional weather but big enough to layer up with comfy knits for the winter. You would be right in saying that I am indeed wearing a crop top on an autumnal day, let's face it those days are limited now as winter creeps in so I shall just keep wearing them until it is too cold!
 I have paired my bomber and crop tops with my Topshop Mom jeans and my new favourite platform boots to make the look a bit less tomboy. It's a very early 90s look with a 60s inspired bouffant in my hair to mix things up a bit....a usual No Debutante fashion mash up you might say but sixties hairstyles were quite influential in the early 1990s, which then progressed into more of a 1970s influence by the mid 1990s. 
Its funny how all things in fashion seem to follow the same loop, now the 90s has made it's first come back whilst there was already a big 1950s happening, I'd say I was back to square one again with the early 1990s looks mixed with sixties inspirations, it must mean only one thing....The 1970s Vs Britpop tomboy is on the return. Confused? You will be....

All clothing from Topshop and Primark.

Thanks for checking in fashionistas, see you again tomorrow for more fashion fun and frolics. For daily updates and antiques follow No Debutante on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

ND xx

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