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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Celebrity Skin

Today's personal style post seemed to be lacking usable images so I thought I'd try something new here at the No Debutante blog and mix my personal style images with similar style fashion images (all collected on my Pinterest boards) from recent fashion shoots and style icons. 
My look today is Grunge inspired, a plaid shirt and some denim cut offs with my blue hair in braids, a classic grunge look you may say but the grunge images I have chosen to complement today's personal style outfit are all very different. Some are true grunge images from the 1990s featuring the Queen of Grunge Courtney Love and Liv Tyler and some are contemporary grunge inspired fashion images from my Pinterest fashion board including fashion shoots from my new favourite shop The White Pepper (of course) and the contemporary thrift grunge champion Mind the Mustard (whom featured on the No Debutante blog last year as an inspiring grunge muse). The Grunge look for girls isn't just plaid shirts, long hair and Dr Martens, it is a style, not an item of clothing. For me, as a nineties teenager grunge was a mix of subcultures including Riot Grrrl, Rock chick, boho, Indie kid and punk, where anything goes except perfection and polished looks. If you are a perfection and polished grunge girl something has gone very wrong and you have probably missed the point entirely. Grunge does not have a uniform, the only thing that should remain is the nineties influence as this is where it all began. Check out the following images from some of my most recent Pinterest hoardings to see what I mean. 

All images from thewhitepepper.com, starfetti.tumblr.com, fashiongonerogue.com, little-touble-grrrl.tumblt.com, lookbook.nu/mindthemustard, fashiongrunge.com.

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas see you soon for more No Debutante fun!

 ND xx

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