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Monday, 14 July 2014

Three years of No Debutante!

Hey hey fashionistas! Today we are celebrating three years of No Debutante. Back on the 14th July 2011 I decided to start my own fashion blog. I was a few months pregnant with my daughter Sylvie Belle and thought I would share my fashion frustrations and personal dilemmas on how I dressed my ever increasing tummy. This was also the birth of my personal style posts and where it all began! 
Here are a random selection of the No Debutante personal style pics taken between July 2011 to July 2014. Expect many changes in style, body size and hair styles, remembering I had a baby in the middle of this fashion mash up!
Happy Birthday No Debutante!

All photographs and styling by No Debutante with a little extra help on a few of the above images from Mark Sewell, Selena at Foxtrot Hair, Dianne McDermott-Harris and Vikki Mac who have been inspirational Photographers and Stylists! You rock!

Also a lovely big thank-you to my amazing husband Phil for not laughing when I told him I was starting a fashion blog and for my buying me a camera tripod to take my own personal style photographs and to my patient kids for taking the photographs before Phil did this! 

ND xx

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