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Monday, 7 July 2014

Blue Jeans

With my holiday to Ibiza finally on the horizon I am finding it hard to think of anything but packing my (and a motley crew of kids) holiday wardrobe(s). It's hard enough to know what I want to take but packing for three small people too just adds to the chaos. I have to start packing mentally weeks before we go otherwise we end up with far too many clothes and an overload of random things packed last minute. I also have to start grabbing their best clothes and hiding them away as the kids will just keep wearing them again and nothing is bloody clean when I go to pack it . My seven year old son Mika is the worst culprit for this, he changes his clothes more times in the day than a Mod.  (who were rumoured to change their outfit up to three times a day, it sounds fabulous, I know, but really??) So, Mika just likes wearing costumes and dressing up, I love the way he styles himself, it's always mixed prints and bright colours, the boy could already work as a fashion stylist! Despite Mika's love for changing his outfit I have to put a stop to it sometimes or he'll have nothing clean accept those clothes that have been bought by relatives that you don't really like but haven't quite got round to giving to a charity shop. Any parent here will know exactly the clothes I am talking about, I don't want them in my house let alone on my child, on holiday!

Let's forget my holiday packing dilemmas for now and have a look at another personal style post, you know I like denim? Well, here a few ways I wore it in June. Which is your favourite look? Dungarees, Mom Jeans or denim shorts?? I Love Denim! 

All clothing from Topshop, Primark, American Apparel, Kuccia and Converse.

I love my Kuccia bomber jacket!!!

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ND xx

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