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Monday, 16 July 2012

Fade to Gray - Louise Gray A/W 2012

I have been dying to show you Louise Gray's Autumn Winter collection ever since the A/W 2012 shows back at the beginning of the year. I had such a back log of stuff I hadn't even shown you for this Summer, what Summer? I hear everyone in the UK mutter to themselves whilst peeking out from under their umbrellas!! - Can I just say, not only is the continuous UK rainfall getting me down, I then have to read about how hot everyone is on any US blogs that I follow, which makes me really jealous!! Anyway, weather rant over for today!! I am now at the end of my Spring summer 2012 posts...
Let's have a look at Louise Gray's A/W 2012 collection of multi-coloured, print clashing, Pop Art Punks to cheer ourselves (Me) up.

How I shall be wearing Louise Gray AW 2012......If only I could afford the real thing.....

Let's start at the Punk inspired hair, I shall be quiff and spiking my hair up, perhaps create a bit of a curly quiff with my Babyliss styling wand. Sleek down the sides or for long hair, a pony tail and quiff up the front.

The 80s punk v's geisha girl make-up - loads of bright pink blending into orange eyeshadow/blush blended from the cheekbones right up to the side of the eyebrows...yeah!!!

The 80s inspired earrings - brightly coloured, massive beaded, trinket filled dangly earrings that finish below your chin. Wear 'em big!

The outfit - a 1960s style shift is the winner here, you can wear it over clashing printed tights, leggings or trousers ( the 1990s skirts and dresses over trousers look is massive this autumn winter) The print of your dress needs to clash with any other prints you are wearing or at least come in a different colour to the rest of the outfit. The jackets are either cropped or sixties inspired rain macs to wear over your main outfit or opt for a long sleeve shirt or printed long sleeve bodysuits to be worn under your dress like a pinafore.

The footwear - the knee high boot returns, wear them bright and printed and clashed up with your brightly printed tights or trousers.

The prints - this collection is a mash up of tribal aztec, metallic futurism, 1960s graphic  op-art and bleached up, punk paint splashes....all must be worn at once.

The Bag - bright and clashing with your outfit and carried like a clutch upside down.
I think that covers it.

Oh, Louise Gray,  you are becoming my favourite fashion designer ever!! As always, you are sooo creative and colourful and it seems, like me, you are very influenced by 1970s punk and 1980s style, with a smidge of 1960s pop art. I could wear every piece of  all your collections!!!

I love Louise Gray's personal style, she completely absorbs her collections, which makes me appreciate and enjoy the collections more. It makes them more wearable, I think, to see the designer wearing the collection. the clothes aren't just for very young, skinny catwalk models! Check out some images of Louise Gray above, I am loving the randomly applied eye make-up and I am considering this look for the next time I DJ at my club night Bang, which is in less than two weeks on Friday 27 July!! Excited!!! ND xx

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