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Monday, 9 July 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Dilemmas - Part 9

Denim seemed to be my favourite thing in June, it was also a very busy month for me including the return of my club night Bang, my birthday and a family camping holiday amongst other stuff. I am always so busy and currently feel a bit under the weather as a result of it. Did I mention it rained pretty much the whole of our camping holiday and it has been, pretty much, continuously raining here in the UK ever since!! I have sandals that haven't seen the light of day. Gutted!!

The top outfit has been seen on my blog before but I quite liked the photographs (hey, it's my blog, of course I will attempt to edit the bad pics and show you the good ones) I was pleased to receive Vogues Catwalk report for A/W 2012 confirming that voluminous clothes are indeed something to be seen in this year. I really love my Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans, which are now a little big, since I have lost a bit more baby weight, but I like them that way. There's something quite liberating about not having to show off how skinny, you are, (or not in most cases) the pressure is off and I like it! The trick is that I  tuck my top in to give me a bit of shape.

Double denim in the above pics worn with a crop top from Primark with fairly high waisted shorts cut up from a pair of my Dad's old jeans. My usual denim cut offs were still a little snug the last time I wore them and I like the way these ones are little oversized. I'm wearing my desert island print wellies from Office, they have had a fair bit of use lately in this wet summer.

Check out my peach denim dungarees! Phil got me them for my birthday from Asos, I have barely worn them as I still haven't decided whether I bloody love them or if they just make me look like a Kids TV presenter from the 80s....I dunno, they look pretty cute here, maybe I should give them a chance, what d'ya think?? ND xx

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