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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Debbie inspired my outfit....

I am often asked where I get my inspiration from for my styling ideas. How do I plan what I'm going to wear each day, do I just throw an outfit together unplanned or do I carefully pick out my outfit the night before?
Looking at my mash up styling people may think it's a happy accident, since I have never actually bought an item of clothing or an accessory to match with any other item in my wardrobe, they could be right! 
Like most people I plan a little & often change my mind last minute. I guess my outfit suits my mood, the weather, how fat I'm feeling, sometimes the outfit has been planned & I have actually gone with the original idea.......I love it when this happens!

I usually start off with an idea, often inspired by an image I have seen that day (nearly always on pinterest). It can be an image from the catwalk, a favourite shops LookBook or a style Icon, even someone I saw in the street. 
David Bowie called himself a Magpie, he took ideas from fashion and music and created his own thing from it, I was glad when I read this quote as my brain seems to work in the same way. Plus David Bowie is another of my long loved style icons, who has inspired me so much with his style and music, just like Debbie Harry.
The idea is not to take a look so literally, don't copy the whole look, take your favourite parts & then mix it up with your style or (for the more brave) another look that has currently caught your eye, it then becomes yours & you can either run with it or not. Have fun with experimenting, don't be afraid to break the mould. 

For today's outfit I was inspired by a couple of  Debbie Harry images, Debbie is one of my biggest style icons who I love so much that the No Debutante name (for those who didn't know) came from one of Blondie's songs. So, did I copy the whole look? Nope. I looked at her hairband, thought it looked great, decided I would look ridiculous, then found myself putting the headband on Debbie style, instantly liked it, forgot it was on my head, then wore an oversized black tshirt similar to the outfit Debbie was wearing in the second image, paired it with some tights for Autumn & some black Gazelles & that's it. 

The conclusion.....the outfit became my most liked outfit on social media for a while, which I would call a success. It wasn't a full on three style mash up, just a very chic rock'n'roll look thanks to the beautiful Debbie Harry & her headband and black outfit.

Image 1 Photo by Dave Hogan on Getty Images

Images 2 & 4 styling & photography by No Debutante

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