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Monday, 9 May 2016

Old School

No Debutante loves Retro Sports style. 

It's all about the oversized sweatshirts, skinny, baggy or crop t-shirts, Airtex sports vests, zip up jackets and of course sports socks and trainers. Adidas and Reebok Classics are number one on my list at the moment, mixed up with skate brands, streetwear with a few polka-dots chucked in here and there. It's all about your favourite label in Retro sports but that doesn't mean you can't wear a sports inspired item instead....

If you are looking to get some of your own retro sports head down to American Apparel for sports socks and Urban Outfitters for everything else. I can't even walk past Urban Outfitters in Bristol without wanting everything from the shop window display. They have perfected the Retro Sports trend this season. Check out your local designers too, here in Bristol we have a lot of talented fashion designers who love a bit of sports inspired streetwear. Check out my favourites That Thing, Neat Frontage and Fix Up Look Sharp.

So, you have your top half sorted with your t-shirts, zip up jackets and oversized sweatshirts and have accessorised up with your sports socks and trainers, what else are you going to wear?? This is pretty much a free for all, I have mixed my Retro sports up with denim shorts,  A-line skirts, flared crop jeans, bodycon, leggings, tartan, fruity print trousers and even a long maxi dress. Anything goes with this look, why not top it off with some graphic print big earrings for the girls or the big trend for 2016 for both girls and boys...Socks and sliders.


 Polka-dot Adidas sweatshirt with graphic print Tezla earrings

 Skate T-shirts and ripped denim shorts
 Oversized sweatshirt from Fix Up Look Sharp
 Retro Sports and cropped flared jeans

 Sports Grunge  - Tartan Prints and Dr Martins

 Fruity Print Trousers

 Monochrome Body con

 Dolly Sports

Maxi Dress, oversized sweatshirt & Reebok Classics

All clothing from Urban Outfitters, Topshop, American Apparel, Dr Martens, No Debutantes original 90s wardrobe, Reebok Classics, BTR, Adidas Originals, Adidas X Pharrell Williams, H&M, That Thing, Fix Up Look Sharp, Tezla, Vision Streetwear & Neat Frontage.  Styling and Photography by No Debutante.

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