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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


What is Normcore? The term has been doing the rounds over the past few years with each explanation meaning a slightly different thing from the next, let's not start pointing fingers as to who's right or wrong at this point. No Debutante's understanding of the word is to dress like a 'normal', to not stand out, to dress down and to not follow fashion or labels. However, when I look at any fashion look described as 'Normcore' it usually features denim jeans & jackets, a plain t-shirt, white socks and trainers and these items nearly all have a label or a logo on them somewhere especially the sports items, Levi's, a Fila t-shirt, Reebok Classic trainers and some white Adidas sport socks not the 'anti fashion and labels look' that many make it out to be. So, who is right?

I see Normcore as a mix of the contemporary Urban sportswear, late 80s & 90s retro sports club culture with a big influence from the minimal nineties denim and a plain t-shirt casual fashion inspired by Calvin Klein, Benetton and The Gap, this all mixed up with sports labels and logos to add a small status symbol to this casual laid back look. 

There is another side to Normcore which is mostly in (what I would usually describe as) bland colours like grey, navy, khaki white or black (even beige for goodness sakes)  but the styling is contemporary, it's streetstyle inspired with a nod to skate fashion with long sleeve t-shirts and those 'cool as' half mast Dickies for the boys. We are not looking at this side of things today but No Debutante will be going into more detail into this look soon.

Normcore is a look to get noticed in, not a look to blend into the crowd in, my gosh, if it was so anti-fashion how could I dress it up No Debutante stylee? The look this time round has a swagger to it, it's not preppy it's streetwear, it's contemporary and it loves a sports label!


Top to toe Normcore from top bun to white trainers
 Essential Normcore - Turned up Mom Jeans
 Double denim and a crop top
 Oversized t-shirts and Mom Jeans
 Cute tees

 Don't forget your headscarf
 White sports socks and Reebok Classics
 The brown leather belt
 Plain t-shirts with logos
Large Earrings - the essential accessory!

 All images sourced from Lazyoaf.com, yayer.com, adererror.com, theclassyissue.com, nylon.com and No Debutante. Also all available on No Debutante's pinterest boards, find them here

All clothing from Yayer,Calvin Klein,Lazy Oaf, Ader Error, Lazy Oaf X Ragged Priest, Topshop, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Reebok Classics, That Thing, Maui & Sons, Primark & H&M. 

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