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Monday, 2 May 2016

Mermaid Dolly Mixtures

I never buy an item of clothing to match something else in my wardrobe, never considered it. I laugh to myself when I hear girls in changing rooms trying to figure out what on  earth they would wear with this new item of clothing that they have fallen in love with & as they start reeling off the co-ordinates from their existing wardrobes that match said item, I feel pretty smug about not giving a damn about what I will wear with my new find! I try it on, like it and then BOOM it's a part of my wardrobe.

Today's No Debutante photographs show how I style up two random items from my wardrobe, lovingly bought without any consideration of what I would wear them with, of course.

The first item is a pastel pink sheer crop t-shirt from Lazy Oaf with two strategically placed appliqued Mermaid shells.
The second item is a pink layered slip dress fashion salvaged from Bristol Textiles Recycling (yes, it is a nightie).

Mermaid top layered over the slip dress

Mermaid Top, Crop Jeans and Adidas Gazelles
Slip dress layered over t-shirt with sports socks and Reebok Classics
Slip Dress layered over a vintage long sleeve Vision Streetwear top

Dolly Sports layering

Baggy Sweatshirt layered over slip dress

Try to mix and unmatch your wardrobe, it's good fun experimenting with styles, sheer items are great for layering and it takes the stress of trying to match everything up, matching is so twee, mash it up! The only planning I do to create my outfits is to consider and decide what to wear the night before, at least have an idea of one item you want to wear. No inspiration? Take a look at all those Pinterest fashion images you've been hoarding and lusting over and actually attempt to create the look yourself using your own wardrobe, you will end up with your own unique version of the look or end up creating something even better! Get inspired and try it today! 

All images and styling by No Debutante.

All clothing from Lazy Oaf, BTR, Primark, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Reebok Classics, American Apparel, Vision Streetwear, Maui, That Thing and Fix Up look Sharp. 

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