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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Transitional Kimono

As the summer comes to a close, there is no need to stop wearing your Summer favourites. I find this 'packing away my summer clothes' statement made by people at this time of year complete madness, since I wear most of my clothes all year round and have come to the conclusion that people who need to pack away their summer clothes must have an obsession with tidying things away and keeping a minimal home, not my cup of tea at all! 

Let's take a look at one of my summer favourites, my black silky kimono with boho tassells from Urban Outfitters. I have worn it grunged up and layered over an oversized tee and plaid shirt and with denim cut offs and tights.The kimono can be worn over any light jacket too, like a camouflage military jacket or a denim jacket, if you are not into wearing short shorts like me then wear yours with skinny jeans (high waisted of course) or over a dress.  What about transitional weather footwear? Howsabout wearing your socks or coloured tights with your sandals or jellies? Another big trend this AW is a big and voluminous maxi coat over a summer dress (and tights), perhaps with a belt wrapped round the coat for those of you who may want more shape definition. What ever you do, don't pack your 'summer' clothes away! 

Here's a few photographs of me with my Kimono, and my kawaii cute daughter Sylvie Belle wearing her adorable Next jumpsuit which she claims to 'HATE' plus a final image of me on my holiday in the South of France wearing my Kimono the summer way...WEAR YOUR CLOTHES!!!

All clothing from Urban Outfitters, Primark and No Debutante Vintage

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