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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mom Jeans Mom Part 1

With London Fashion Week being all over fashion media this week I can only dream of attending whilst sifting through loads of images on Pinterest and Instagram for my favourite looks from the LFW SS 2016 Collections and street style trends. I've been busy enough with attending Bristol born Banksy's Dismaland (twice in a week no less!) and a body baording weekend in Devon to contend with.

 Today's post features my Topshop Mom jeans, I've had them well over a year now but I love them, the high waist, loose fit and turned up ankle, perfect for transeasonal weather too.

Despite my love for vintage and wide leg jeans I caught myself trying on a pair of skinnies the other week, I've not worn skinnies for years (after wearing them for years) and pretty much declared war over them, so why did I find myself wearing a high waisted black pair in Topshop the other day? Beats Me! Im such a fickle fashionista it's annoying! 

Here's how I wore my Mom Jeans lately, I had worn them so much that it looks like this will have to be a two parter. I love you Mom Jeans xxx 

All clothing from Topshop, Maui & Sons X Primark, Lazy Oafs, Converse and Primark.

All styling and photography by No Debutante.

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Thanks for checking in Fashionistas xx

ND xx

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