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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Vintage Ink

Here it is my new Russian Doll tattoo, I love vintage, traditional tattoos (my first tattoo being Sailor Jerry inspired swallows) and I already knew I wanted a Russian Doll tatt whilst getting my first tattoo done but I did take a while (eighteen months to be precise) to decided where on my body I was going to have it. I finally came to the decision to have it at the top of my arm (my swallows tattoo is on my upper back) and gave my tattooist Jimmie at Broad Street Studio in Bath, images of the type of Russian doll tattoos that I liked. Jimmie is very into trad tattoos so I knew he would come up with something amazing! He didn't let me down! I love her! The brilliant bright trad tatt colours, the detail in the body and the beautiful pattern in the headscarf is fantastic. I love everything right down to her rosy cheeks. Despite taking years to start getting tattoos I was warned that tattoos are addictive and they really are! I already have plans for a third, next time I'm thinking a Kawaii Lucky Cat......but where to have it???

Tattoos by Jimmie at Broad Street Studio in Bath, UK.

All photographs by No Debutante

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