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Friday, 29 May 2015

Tee For Two

No Debutante loves oversized t-shirts! I own a load of them and always buy them at least three sizes bigger than my own size so they actually look oversized in length and in bagginess. I have a very long torso so this is essential for me to get the right amount of length! It's great that most shops now sell baggy oversized tees and not just a slightly longer cut tee that they name oversized, it seemed the high street was not quite ready or brave enough to step into the world of the XL sizing and voluminous shapes that now seem to be acceptable.  Before this I would just buy XL mens t shirts and wear 'em big and baggy. The oversized tee is an essential item this summer, don't be scared to wear it big and baggy, the oversized t-shirt is your friend!

Today's oversized tee is an Americana sportsluxe number bought from Primark last year, by Americana I am referring to American sports influences including Baseball and American Football. This particular tee is oversized but not too baggy but fits long like a mini dress.
 Here are two ways I have worn it lately. Which is your favourite? Americana sportsluxe with tube socks and Converse or smart casual sportluxe with The White Pepper grid leggings and platform boots??

All clothing from Primark, The White Pepper, American Apparel and Converse.
All styling and Photography by No Debutante

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas!
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ND xx

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