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Thursday, 7 May 2015


Mix it up. Get the most from your clothes. Look at them differently. Wear them, don't let them wear you. 

 Today's post shows my love for trying out new things and wearing clothes differently to make them look like a totally new and individual outfit. The chosen item I have decided to show today is my beautiful pink organza polka dot smock dress from The White Pepper. The dress itself came with a pink under slip which I sometimes use and sometimes don't. Here are a few ways I have been wearing the dress lately. 

Don't be afraid to MIX IT UP, layering with different items and prints and especially, for me personally, a mix up of styles! You know how I love a bit of Fash clash?? Also another thing I must stress, fashion changes so quickly, why are you saving things for best?? Especially items you have spent alot of money on? Wear these clothes and let everybody see them, dress them down or up it doesn't matter, just wear them!! I personally never save things for best, I am a mother with a lack of babysitter which means a lack of social life. If I saved things for best they'd never get worn!! Stop this saving things for best nonsense now!

 No Debutante loves Molly Goddard, Susie Bubble,  Lazy Oaf and The White Pepper for current fashion inspiration. If you see something you like, never think I could never wear that!! Why not?? Age, size and what other people think are not an issue. It's your life, who cares what they think? I follow bloggers and fashionistas from around the world who break these moulds and look great.
Here's a quick personal story, that happened to me today, hopefully there will be a moral in there somewhere! I went to vote for my country today and I waltzed in wearing short shorts and an oversize Maui tee, denim jacket, platforms and blue hair. I saw the public workers at the Polling stations eyes bulge at me as I voted. I was glad to get a reaction from them, I was proud I had voted and of who I am. I gave them a big grin and thanked them. I take that sort of reaction to me choosing to look and dress the way I do as a positive thing. I did not feel they were judging or looking down at me, I had caught their attention and frankly their stares only encourage me to flaunt it! BE YOURSELF!......Here's me rocking a White Pepper dress...xx

Sportluxe Fash Clash - Organza dress worn over a Sportluxe oversized tee with platform boots and a Topknot

Tonal Surf Mash Up - Peach Maui oversize tee worn over the slip dress and under Organza smock dress

Grunge Dress Layering - Smock dress worn over Topshop denim slip dress and crop top

Dolly Girl - Smock dress worn over black vest and denim shorts with pretty hologram Mary Janes from Topshop.

Pretty Casual - The White Pepper smock dress and under slip worn over tapered jeans with ankle socks and silver platform flip flops. 

All clothing from The White Peppper, Topshop, Primark, Maui X Primark.

All styling and Photography by No Debutante

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas!
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ND xx

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