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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Devon and Dungarees

Hey Fashionistas! I hope you have had a fun filled Easter break? I have just returned from a weekend away in North Devon, I love Devon, I could really move there and live by the sea and go body boarding every week! There is something invigorating about being in the sea on a grey windy day, it certainly makes you feel alive despite the sea being absolutely bloody freezing!  It's a such a great way to spend time and bond with your family, we cannot recommend it enough! Even though, I love the way the surf manages to give my very straight hair beautiful beach waves and I was really loving the beach and sea air, I soon realised on walking around the quant village we were staying in, with my blue hair, oversized tee and platform sandals that I am totally a city girl! You can take the girl out of the city.......I think I'll just leave living by the sea as a pipe dream for now!

As you all know.....No Debutante Loves.......Dungarees! Here's how I've been wearing mine lately plus a couple of oversized variations sourced on Pinterest from Fashion East and The White Pepper. My obsession with oversized items, has got more and more extreme, my dungarees seem skinny in comparison. Expect more oversized items on the blog over the next few weeks! 

I had to show you this last image of my three year old daughter Sylvie, who managed to Photo Bomb my personal style photograph one morning! Sylvie saw what I was doing, ran in the room, knocked the camera tripod and managed to get a photograph of herself  just as the self timer took the photo! Hilarious!

All clothing on images 1-4 from Topshop, Converse, Underground, Shimokitasawa Market in Tokyo and Primark. Image 5 from Fashion East and The White Pepper.

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ND xx

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