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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Back To My Roots

You may or may not be aware from looking at my blog posts that I have stopped bleaching my hair. The decision to stop bleaching came after years of (unsuccessfully) trying to grow my bleached barnet and an obsession to backcomb and victory roll my hair constantly resulted in very slow hair growth and hair breaking off rather than growing. Following a few years of bright coloured hair experimentation and a new obsession with grunge styling it seemed like a natural progression to grow out the roots and leave the already bleached ends for the colours. Now, most of the crazy colours are semi permanent but the colour blue stains your bleached blond hair and can either be chemically removed (a no-no for me) or you can let it fade out until you are able to add new colours on top of it. I have chosen to do the latter. I am well known for my fickle image changes and it has not gone un noticed that I have had blue hair for well over eight months. A year ago I had a few blue highlights but my hair was mostly pink and before that it went through monthly changes in colour so eight months is actually a long time for me to keep the same colourway! 

The next dilemma and topic of conversation with friends and colleagues is the decision to grow out the roots. I explain I want long dark outgrown roots which is accepted by most people since the dip dye / ombre trend has been in full flow for a couple of years. Despite this people try to advise me to just have my hair coloured brown to make the roots appear longer, rather than the slow process of letting them grow naturally.  Being the contrary and stubborn bugger that I am I have decided to go the other way and just let it happen naturally. 

I have been collecting images on Pinterest over the past few months of the new grown out roots and bright coloured hair trend that has been emerging and I just love it! This look couldn't have come at a better time for me. 
Another surprise was seeing what colour my natural hair actually was, to be honest I haven't seen it for years and didn't have a clue. Last time I had natural hair it was a dark blond but as I approach the one and a half inch stage of my regrowth I am surprised to see a dark brown contrasting against the blues. I'm pushing forty so for all I knew I had grey hair! I am pleased to announce that I don't! Perhaps if I did have grey hair I would take them up

Here are a few examples of the Pinterest images of the new grown out roots look that I am now coveting. It's grunge and it rocks!

This last image is more the ombre / dip dye current hair trend but it's just lovely, so I had to add it in too! As I dream about my hair ever becoming this long! 

All images sourced on my Pinterest Hair gallery and Thank you to the following links blog.pixiemarket.com

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ND xx

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