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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tucked In Or Hung Out

This is the last personal style post before I reveal my new hair colour on the No Debutante blog. Since the weather was hot mid July, the skirt was the chosen item for me, midi, mini, tartan or clashing prints anything goes but what to wear with my skirts? Separates can be worn in so many  different variations and can give the illusion that you have many more clothes than you actually do! Dressed up or down, layered, with or without accessories and whether you should tuck your top in or let it hang out, the possibilities are endless. 

I have taken it upon myself to question why do (mostly older) women wear a long fitted top pulled over the top of their skirts? I think it was possibily a look that was started to avoid getting muffin top, whatever the reason, it truly has to be one of the most unflattering looks ever!!?? You have a look, you will see this look every day, it drives me mad! Can't these women just tuck the top in a bit and show off that they have a waist instead of creating more bumps and accentuating the ones they may already have? Or wear a more oversized top to make it look like you are not trying to hide your waist, hips and bum with your fitted top? Or just wear a bloody dress and be done with it! Proportionally this look is an odd one, it creates an unflattering illusion that you have a very long (bumpy)torso and equally very short legs. It's a no win look. Please, if you are doing this then stop it at once and show off your curves! Rant Over!

Here are three ways I wear my separates with tops tucked in or out but not a sign of the fitted long top tragedy! On a lighter note, who remembers the white Primark sandals that broke on the second wear? Well, I was about to throw them out in disgust when I had an idea.... I cut off the broken straps, two seconds before I was leaving the house for work and 'voila' a fixed pair of sandals, customised the no Debutante way! Check out the results below! What do you think? Let me know how many people you see today who are guilty of the long top and skirt crime, I bet its over ten people!

All clothing from Topshop, Primark, Vivian Of Holloway and H&M.

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ND xx

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