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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

No Debutante - Winter Grunge V's Rockabilly Mash Up!

Amongst the half term madness I have managed to pop together a personal style post for you, the sun is shining and I have no work worries for a week, things are looking good for me!

Today's personal style outfits are both very different (as usual) I named the first outfit Winter Grunge on Instagram which I think pretty much describes it. I am loving the long layers and the pink hair worn down and I am surprised to see the midriff peeking out from beneath the crop top. I know it's winter but I think I had pulled the skirt up high enough and wrapped up enough layers to keep myself warm. This must have been a dry day since I am wearing my fur coat to work rather than my all weather/ getting caught in the rain whilst pushing a baby buggy duffel coat which I have pretty much worn for the whole winter! I can tell you now that it does not look good worn with my maxi skirt, I attempted it but failed just the other day!

The second outfit was named Rockabilly Mash Up and is one of my more tomboy rockabilly looks worn with a ska t-shirt, skater skirt and a bomber jacket, hence the mash-up. I am rather proud of my victory roll, it looks real teddy boy rather than pin-up girl, it's tough and androgynous, I'm liking it! I never really know how my rockabilly hairstyles are going to work out, it's all a bit trial and error, like most things I do. It makes life more fun and I'd get bored if I didn't act like that. 
Which is your favourite look? 

All clothing from New Look, Primark, Topshop, H&M, Underground Shoes, Office Shoes and Converse.

The next post will be something a little different from me, to give you a clue it is not a personal style post or my latest fashion crush, it's more for the little fashionistas amongst us.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new followers, I shall be back real soon with more No Debutante fun! 

ND xx

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