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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

No Debutante - Short Shorts

As Christmas gets closer and closer I have no idea how many blog posts I will manage to get finished before the big day comes. I like to hang out with my family on Christmas Eve watching Christmas films, I am not a happy kitten if I still have a ton of wrapping and organising to get done, last year we were still decorating on Christmas Eve and I only saw a bit of one film! Rubbish!! I'm glad to say that, so far, we are on schedule for a whole day of lazing about before Santa comes for my three (very excited) kids in a weeks time! The Christmas decorations are up, at least!

Today's personal style post mainly features my legs! I was in the mood for shorts despite the cold weather arriving and god damn it I was gonna wear 'em. A friend said, I made her feel cold which is ironic since my husband Phil says that I obsess over people not wrapping up enough in cold weather, for example every kid at the boys' school refuses to put a coat on (I am shaking my head at the thought of it) and Phil always wears the most flimsy of jackets over short sleeves during the colder months, he is NOT allowed to say he is cold in case I start to tell him off about his lack of warm layers! You get the idea...

Both outfits are based on a similar look of shorts, shirts and creeper shoes but are worn differently. The first outfit features my new favourite plaid / tartan shirt. Which is it tartan or plaid? It's annoying me that I can't decide! The look is a bit tomboy rockabilly and the denim shorts are so short they are barely visible under the untucked shirt. I popped on my oversized cardigan and some sports socks (to keep me warm, of course) and everything except the footwear is from Primark! I have put my hair up in the half victory roll half back down 1940s/ 50s style that has been dubbed a mullet by a few people. I heard mullets are making another comeback this Spring Summer but I shall stick with styling my hair into this mullet over going for the good ol' on top crop!

The second outfit is a bit more girlie and features my Topshop playsuit and denim shirt with the creepers and frilly ankle socks. I have twisted and victory rolled up my hair into another of the endless rockabilly hairstyles that I like to covet! I love having long hair!

The next post, which will hopefully be before Christmas, will be something different from the personal style posts of late (but I imagine it will feature me at some point) Watch this space for a post on a G-Star event that I attended back in the Autumn! 

Thanks so much for reading and I shall be back as soon as possible!! 

ND xx

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