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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No Debutante - Victory Rolls

My new favourite hair style that I have been challenging myself to perfect is the 1940s Victory Roll. I have fine hair so after much deliberating with the whole backcombing issue (ruins your hair and my hair is already bleached-yikes!) I have embraced backcombing (again) and I tell you what, backcombing does wonders for the Victory Roll, even in fine hair!
I've been practising Victory Rolls for about 3 years and I'm glad to say, I think I've got it!! My hair is still growing out the god damn undercut and although it is now pretty long, I still cannot wear it down without the appearance of the mullet! So, I have soldiered on with these mad layers and I wear my hair up everyday - usually with a hair scarf (I really must buy more of these I must be boring you with the pink or the red one!) -  and I'm finding it pretty easy to style. I used to be obsessed with my curling wand and although it made my hair look great, I just didn't have the time to do it before the school runs and work, I'm sorry but I just refuse to get up at 6am just to do my hair, I like, and need, my sleep!!
On this occasion I have tried out the reversed Victory Roll where the roll goes forward instead of back, it was a bit of trial and error but this is the finished product. By pulling at the sides of the Victory Roll it kind of became a barrel or a long quiff. I am quite pleased with the result - see what you think.

I Love Victory Rolls!

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ND xx

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