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Friday, 29 March 2013

No Debutante - Head over heels

I seem to have collected a few head scarf moments from the past couple of weeks so I thought I'd show you the different ways I've been wearing mine. You will be pleased to hear that I have now found myself a new head scarf unfortunately this has only just happened so you will not be seeing the new purchase today! It would appear that I am quite fussy when it comes to head scarfs, not only is the colour and print a big thing for me as I like the colour to compliment my hair and skin tone, I also have to take into consideration the size of the scarf and how small I fold and roll it down to fit my child size head! By child size I mean it is the same size as a child's head not that it is as big as a child!

Head scarfs are a great way to hide a bad hair day or to hide the fact you are still growing out the bloody layers from that undercut you had two years ago!
I promise to show you my new head scarf very soon and shall be constantly on the look out for new ones to keep things more interesting!
Wear yours like a 1940s land girl, a 1950s pin up, with a 1960s beehive, wrapped up big with African influences or knotted up in a 1980s Bananarama Vs Madonna style. The choice is endless!!!
I love head scarfs!
ND xx


  1. Charity Shops!!! They have the best range of vintage (old ladies) headscarves...I have myself quite a selection, plus they are usually about a pound...bonus! X

  2. Hi Dilly, sorry I thought I had replied to this comment! I have got loads from charity shops but as I said in the post I appear to be very picky about which ones I will actually wear! I reckon we should have a vintage head scarf swap next time we see each other! ND xx


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