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Friday, 14 December 2012

Tapered Jean Girl - Step away from the skinnies, it’s over!

I am declaring that I will not buy another pair of skinny jeans, my relationship with them is over……for now….I worked out that I have been wearing skinny jeans for well over 10 years…..ever since I stepped away from my Miss Sixty stylee hipster flared jeans in the very early 2000s and declared I would not buy another pair, well I stuck to my word there, thank goodness…..
I really am bored of skinnies and despite my really loving them for many years, I now cannot stand them! It was at the point that the Jegging was invented that I decided enough is enough! I have never owned a pair of bloody Jeggings and if I wanted to wear a really tight pair of lycra trousers I would just wear a pair of leggings??? Who is with me here?
Anyhoo, I have been purchasing tapered and 1950s cut jeans over the past 4 years and have totally embraced them, so much so that it has become a current / ongoing obsession to collect images of them on Pinterest over the past year. Here a few images of mostly 1950s style jeans from vintage to new styles cut from old vintage patterns. I really recommend getting a pair, with their high waistbands and turned up hems, yes they are totally different shape to what you’re used to but hey, they are so cool, rock’n’roll and make you feel like you could probably win a Lindy-Hop competition when wearing them…….

 So, did you like what you see?? Get you’re here http://www.freddiesofpinewood.co.uk/ and http://www.vivienofholloway.com/
All images from my pinterest Fashion board http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/ and were originally sourced from vivienofholloway.com and Freddiesofpinewood.co.uk (including the fantastic vintage photographs) I think Freddies Of Pinewood may be becoming one of my current obsessions!
This is a jeans related quote from a lovely man and fellow colleague from the now deceased Venue Magazine (God, rest her soul!) where I somehow still work! Now I will say this story was told under the influence of alcohol but I loved it and it has stuck with me ever since.
 ‘I had a friend from New York back in the 1970s, who came over to England to visit, when she arrived she asked’ why are you all still wearing flares here? Nobody wears flares in New York anymore, they wear skinny jeans’ I was confused and asked ‘what’s wrong with flares? I love my flares and will never stop wearing them!’……But slowly……. after a period of time I found myself wearing skinny jeans, I didn’t know how it happened or why I didn’t wear flares anymore. I was annoyed about it for sometime………..’
I'm not sure whether the person who told the story would like me to name him on my blog….not that he is likely to be reading my blog (please feel free leave a comment if you do)…..I just love the story though, It just about sums up how fickle and powerful fashion really can be! Now go get them jeans!! ND xx

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