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Thursday, 27 December 2012

No Debutante - A Winters Tale Part 1 - Dr Beat

Hope you've all had a great Christmas, mine has been hectic to say the least but it's great to spend more time with the family. Following my weeks of feeling under the weather then the run up to a Christmas with three kids, the chance to get any blogging done has been virtually, non-existent but that's the good thing about blogging you can just come back and carry on from where you left off!
This post is another of my No Debutante style posts and since I haven't blogged forever, there are a fair few images making this a two parter!
Welcome to Part one.

  Retro 1950s cut jeans, oversized cardigan and Dr Martens - what do we call this look? Tough geek chic?!
Fake fur, Peter Pan collar dress and Docs? Oh yes!
Winter Grunge? Layering up for a Winter in England.
Camouflage jacket, sunshine and my studded ballet pumps. Sunshine has to come before ballet pumps as they are useless in the rain or freezing cold!
 Mika in his Docs!
Buzzcocks t-shirt, the tightest denim cut offs ever and Docs!
Me, Djing at Bang - Your New Favourite Club! A whole post about how the launch party at Bang's new home went to follow soon!
These photos were all taken around the time I had been to the Dr Martens launch Party back in mid November and, despite being rather ill, I had managed to soldier on and take photos of myself and to promote Dr Martens!! This wasn't a planned, conscious decision to wear Docs all the time, it just happened that way! So this is how I wear mine, clearly! As you can see my 6 year old son Mika is wearing his kids Docs that I purchased (half price no less!) at said event in Bristol. Mika calls his Docs his jumping shoes! 
Anyhoo, I believe the second Part of this No Debutante post will be less Dr Martens heavy, even though I am freezing and would happily wear them every day. ND xx

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