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Monday, 3 December 2012

No Debutante and Mark Sewell Bristol Photoshoot Collaboration

.............And.......I'm back in the room........This is my first blog post for nearly a month, I have been really poorly, tired, worn out but soldiering on and definitely paying the price of being a busy mother of three, DJ and blogger, not to mention my day job! When illness hits us, it hits hard, with a very poorly and teething (yes, a double whammy of fun) baby, two very energetic boys and no sleep whatsoever AND two clubs nights, I have pretty much been a zombie of late, going to bed at 8pm (on the non DJing nights, of course).
I am glad to say that I actually got a full nights sleep last night, thanks to my beautiful little baby Sylvie Belle who is finally on the mend and turned 1 years old last week (I'm still in shock about that too, it's gone ridiculously quick!) Happy Birthday Sylvie Belle!!! I love you xxxx
Following my last blog post, better late than never, I had mentioned there would be a collaboration between No Debutante and the photographer Mark Sewell (my friend from the Dr Martens Bristol Shop Launch event - he took the pictures of Me and Rudi at the event). Well this did happen and I am (finally) pleased to share with you my favourites images from the photo shoot.
The theme for the photo shoot is basically quite raw and I guess urban, for want of a better word, It is a very British look. It was shot in my hometown (well, adopted hometown of the past 10 years) of Bristol, here in the UK. The area is Stokes Croft which is close to where I live and has some great graffitti including the iconic Mild, Mild, West Banksy mural. The styling was influenced by Dr Martens/ skinhead style / This is England, mixed with my own personal style. I am also a massive lover of these influences and the music that goes with them including Ska and two-tone. Please use these as a soundtrack whilst browsing through the photographs!
I hope you like the photographs which were all taken by Mark Sewell, styling and model No Debutante. Enjoy!

Aahh! Beautiful Sylvie Belle with Mummy (mid fashion shoot and a quick break at Boston Tea Party on Stokes Croft).
All photographs by Mark Sewell.
All clothing from Topshop, H&M, Primark, army surplus stores, Fred Perry and Dr Martens.
I had forgot to mention that Mark and I had decided to include Dr Martens into the photo shoot in hope of winning a pair on the Dr Martens facebook page, which encourages you to Share Your Style. Follow this link and share yours too and win yourself a new pair of Docs!https://apps.facebook.com/dmstyle/contests/305119/entries/new
A massive, great big thank you to Mark Sewell for his time and fabulous photography, I look forward to our next collaboration very soon!!!
So, which photograph shall I upload for Share Your Style? Watch this space to see if I'm successful! ND xx

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