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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dr Martens Flagship store Bristol Launch Party

I was lucky enough to get on the guest list for the opening launch party for the new (and first ever) Dr Martens Flagship Store here in Bristol. As you can imagine, I was very excited about this! I have however taken over a week to post about it due to my beautiful baby Sylvie being a bit poorly!! Poor baby!!
I took my good friend and colleague Rudi along as my plus one to the event we were told to expect Boots, Bands and Brew....

1460 boots from the Originals collection.

The new Applique Collection.
I love these (well my current obsession is (was) studs.....I think it is now Dr Martens) A little out of my price range though at £275 but lovely all the same!
I nearly bought my husband Phil the Dayton Shoe below-also from the Applique Collection - but he wouldn't let me! I have since talked him into trying them on in the shop! Ha! He'll be wearing them by the end of the year!

I got my photo taken by the official Dr Martens photographer for the night as part of the Share Your Style campaign, you can view the campaign here on the Dr Martens Facebook page. www.facebook.com/drmartens Unfortunately I had to stand on a bench in the middle of the shop, during the event, let's say I was a little self conscious at this point! Although I, of course, loved the attention darrrrlinnng but you must remember I usually take my personal style photographs alone, in the privacy of my garden, so |I was confused that people were watching! Rudi took this photo of my shame...

I took the above two style photos of the lovely sales assistants from the new flagship Bristol shop, I had more images but camera / drunken errors meant they were unusable! I really want the mint coloured Mary Jane Dr Martens but they aren't even available yet, this lucky girl got them from the Dr Martens factory....I want them NOW!!!! I am not gonna say anything about the second girl looking very much like Chloe Sevigny circa 1990s Kids era. This girl had great style! They were all very lovely too, which makes you want to go back to the shop.

8175 Kids boots. I bagged a half price pair of these lovelies in black for my son Mika (photos to come very soon). We also have a very small pair of Docs that were Lucian's, which get passed down to all of my three kids getting more scuffed and worn each time. Sylvie will have loads of pairs by the time they fit her! Of course, Sylvie will also have to have the ever-so-cute floral pair below too - shame kids sizes don't start until Size 11!! Boo hoo!

Bristol based band Idles - garagey, raw, rock n roll....Nice! (Facial hair essential - I do love an enthusiastic drummer!).

Nearly got these lovely leopard print Docs but instead opted for a more traditional pair of Cherry Red 10 hole 1490  boots, as I don't have them yet. I'll feature them on a post soon too.

Bristol based band The Fauns - I love this girls style!

Dr Martens Satchels! From £90

Now, they did mention booze.....free booze....I didn't even know I liked Ale!

The above eight photographs were taken by my friend (and regular at my club night Bang) Mark Sewell who I banged (no pun intended) into at the event as the official photographer for the band The Fauns. Expect a collaboration between No Debutante and Mark Sewell very soon!!! The above image also featured on my Dr Martens review on the Venue website. Here's the link http://www.venue.co.uk/lifestyle-features/19668-dr-in-the-house

End the night with a Bang! Rudi enjoying those Leopard print Dr Martens or was it the ale!

No Debutante and Rudi available for your events, please contact.....ND xx

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