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Thursday, 10 May 2012

It's too early for that dress -Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 6

It's raining, it's been raining for weeks here in Bristol and it's cold too, so there shall be no bare skin on show or summer sandal wearing for me, this post mostly consists of cardigans and jackets and tights (to keep me warm!). It seems I have been wearing a lot of Tribal looks since my last post, lots of animal prints, safari styles and khaki colours.

My favourite leopard print dress from Topshop (about 3 years ago) and vintage brown leather belt thrifted.

Khaki coat and shorts worn with Sonic Youth tee, grey socks and Red Converse.

Leopard Print Mix Up

I am looking real tired in these photos so it's a good thing they are small. Having a 5 month old baby is taking it's toll on me, she still gets me up in the night and sleep deprivation is not helpful when you're trying to choose what to wear for the day or when you need to use your brain, a little, to write a blog!
Leopard print cardigan from Primark, leopard print top Topshop and Leopard print Converse low tops.

More cardigans and cut off denim shorts. This cardigan is also from Primark.

 Camouflage and lace
I love my camouflage jacket, I've had it for years, it's a wardrobe staple, I'm wearing it here with my lace bodycon dress which is actually the maternity bodycon dress bought for the weddings last summer.
Camouflage jacket - Army surplus store, lace dress - Asos.

Cute little Primark dress and H&M cardigan.

More khaki worn with stripes and the much needed waterproof DM boots!

Khaki poncho jacket - Primark, stripe top  - Topshop worn with basic leggings, long socks and Dr Marten boots.

Phil and I got to go out on our first date night since Sylvie was born, despite the rain and the fact I was accidentally given a meat pie ( I am a vegetarian and ate two mouthfuls before I got to the meat!!!) during our pub meal (who says romance is dead?) We then managed to get (the correct) meal and drinks for free before heading down to another bar on a bus that luckily just turned up when we needed it and then managed to get in free to a local bar to watch some bands as we knew the bloke on the door! I love it when things work out like that! Unfortunately when we got home Phil was rather sick, we blamed the vodka and coke that I made him drink following all those pints of beer but I have since found out there is a sickness bug doing the rounds.....I'm sure Phil still blames the Vodka and coke! Oops!

The outfit I'm wearing is from Vivien of Holloway (if you could only see it beneath the warm layers-damn this weather) The top is a gingham bustier top, I think I blogged it for the Vintage Americana post a few weeks back. The jeans are a new item for VOH they are cut from original 1950s patterns, I had trouble finding the right size for me (my figure is anything but a 1950s shape) but these jeans are so comfortable and make a change from all the skinnies that you still see everywhere! I thought I would accessorise by curling my hair and adding a headscarf (not seen in this pic) and cute ankle socks and Converse low tops. I shall attempt to get a better photo of the jeans for my next post as this pic isn't quite doing them justice.

Did you notice that I have become accustomed to a bit of photo shopping? Oooh check me out....it is a bit embarrassing but I am a total photoshop novice, before this cropping and resizing was my limit! That's how old I am, we didn't have computer lessons in school and if we did it was the whole class sat around one computer......CAD was a new thing when I was at Uni and I have to say it was not really my thing....I'm a fashion designer daaarrrrling, I work with fabrics.....and that...ND xx

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