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Friday, 18 May 2012

Aye Aye Sailor

I want a tattoo. When I was younger, I can honestly say that I never had the urge to get inked up, I had a few piercings but, I guess, I was probably scared of the pain ( I have a shockingly low pain threshold - god knows how I managed to give birth to 3 kids!) I wisely realised that due to my fickle tastes in...everything....I knew I would soon regret my teenage tattoo when I was still a teenager, let alone when I was older!

I have finally come to a decision that I could, maybe, handle the pain of a small tattoo and have been pondering it over for so long that I am now confident on the style of tattoos that I like, they are retro but classic and mainly inspired by the Godfather of the tattooists himself, Sailor Jerry.

I have been collecting a few images on Pinterest (never lets me down) over the past few months and I would like to share my favourites with you. All tattoo images and more can be viewed on my Tattoo Board on Pinterest here http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/tattoo/ 

I love the vintage style tattoos of roses and hearts and this simple line drawing tattoo of two roses is fantastic. It's pretty basic but I think it gives the rose tattoo a more modern look whilst remaining true to the original, authentic tattoo style. The image was originally pinned by the girl in the photograph and it is her first tattoo, there is a sweet story behind this tattoo, there are two roses for both her parents who recently passed away and the text is in her mothers handwriting, it's pulling on my heart strings and it sure is a great tattoo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/savannahh/5938034277/

These swallow tattoos are amazing! I love the design and the colours are great. I'm also loving the dress, but it's not about that today! I think the problem here would be getting the symmetry right or it could all go very wrong! I'm also thinking pain-wise these tattoos would not be the best for me just yet, not with all the colouring in. Do they call it colouring in? Ha! I'm sure they don't...As I said, I am a tattoo novice!

I do like the idea of having an anchor on my foot, this one looks pretty cool (although I am not loving the girl tattoo on the other foot, it's gone a bit wrong)....I also think a foot tattoo would be painful, wouldn't it? Tattoo from  staygold-dieyoung.tumblr.com

Look at this lovely rockabilly ladys leopard print tattoo, a tattoo sleeve, if you will. I have also been considering a leopard print tattoo since I dressed up as a leopard (as you do) for one of the Hoochie Coochie Kabaret shows that I DJ at. I had used face paint to draw leopard prints sporadically on my face, arms, back and shoulders and I had so may compliments and people saying I should get them done as tattoos, that I am now considering it.  I was quite surprised by the tattooed up bloke who enthusiastically suggested that I get the face leopard prints done....He said I could definitely work it, which he saw as a compliment, I'm not sure my kids would see it that way on the school run!

Here are a few of the original Sailor Jerry tattoos that I love! Swallows and hearts!!!  I could have all of these pretty small somewhere on my body, couldn't I?  I guess I'm thinking on my shoulders or back. I'd love to have one on my wrist but I don't think I'm ready for this quite yet! A friend of mine has a swallow tattoo on her wrist and I think it looks beautiful!

This is my favourite of them all.  Despite their size these swallow tattoos look really delicate and pretty. The image originally came from here http://www.stylecollective.com.au/articles/bridal/tattoo/index.html the site has an article on tattooed brides which is quite interesting. This bride has the best tattoo by a mile!

So, am I going to get a tattoo? I think....I...am! Yey! Now to find out where to get it done locally. Luckily I know an editor of a tattoo magazine so I shall get his advice first! I have added an image below of the leopard print body paint I was talking about earlier, I shall NOT be getting a tattoo anywhere near my face, that is for sure!

Hello children.......I've come to pick you up from school......ND xx

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