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Monday, 14 May 2012

I want..... House of Holland at Asos

Before I even start on all the Autumn Winter 2012 shows that I have been hoarding images for over the past few months, I thought I would continue with more of the Spring Summer 2012 looks that I still haven't given a mention. The next on my list is the House of Holland Spring Summer range that is currently available at Asos. Although I will only be able to afford the tights and socks from the range, I still like to dream and swoon over some of the items! These images have all come from my Pinterest Fashion board via Asos.com.

I love this Tribal style oversized jumpsuit with it's extreme hareem pant cut. It looks so comfortable, I only wish I could afford it, it's currently available in the Asos sale at £300, it was £600! I guess I should stop wishing that all designer stuff at Asos is gonna be loads cheaper than the original designer label price. I have been spoilt by my £25 Versace leggings from H&M, haven't I?

I love this super sized leopard print over water colour greens and purples. It almost looks like a cow hide print on the jumpsuit, it's £550 ( maybe not for me then!) The drop waist maxi dresss is updated for this summer, it's out of stock and was £440 (get over it Emma, it's Henry Holland!) and I do love an oversized T-shirt style dress! £75 and currently out of stock too. (I'm not surprised, I'd love to be wearing it this summer).

I'm not sure the models are is the right choice for these garments, but I guess Asos need to have more commercial models who appeal to a mass market. I'd like to see ID style models wearing these outfits, oh, and me, of course, on the school run!

Now for something I can afford! Check out these lovely hosiery pieces, House of Holland stripey long socks in blue, they are also available in orange, green and pale pink. I love socks and tights, I do like to buy and hoard and sometimes wear them! They're now only £3.50 in the sale. I'm getting them, of course. These Union Jack (flag) tights are cool, worn here with a bit of double denim, they are a bit patriotic though........I'll be more punk inspired when I wear them....I think I could stretch to paying £15 for these beauties!

Hopefully you will see some blog pics of me over the next month with my latest Henry Holland items! ND xx



  1. I love the union jack ones! But concerned its been done to death :-/ might buy and wait 2 years before I wear them ;)

  2. i know what your saying cat.i dont wanna look like a jubilee cliche!


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