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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tezla Designs

I discovered Tezla Designs through one of my Bristol Fashion buddies who was a stylish wearer of these amazing 80s printed earrings that I needed to own! I instantly followed Tezla on instagram and soon purchased my first pair of Tezla earrings! I just loved the hand painted 80s and 90s inspired prints on these bold, street style inspired jewellery pieces, which I now know where influenced by the Italian postmodernist designer and artist Sotsass, who is a very big influence on many contemporary designers at the moment with his bold, repetitive graphic patterns. Check out the interview at the end of the blog for more Tezla influences, the inspirations all fit together from streetstyle, bold graphics and a love of the 80s and 90s music, art and fashion, these flow through the Tezla design, style and range names perfectly, Tezla know exactly what they are doing!

Tezla Designs was started up by the Bristol based creative designer Terri Young back in 2013, the jewellery range is handmade at the Tezla headquarters at The Island in Bristol. Inspired by street culture and home roots the Tezla brand oozes Bristol street chic flavour, with it's 90s styling and hand painted graphics appearing on large discs, heart shapes and palm tree earrings, rings and necklaces in mainly wood and brass materials, with the bold bright styles making Tezla stand out from the crowd. The ranges have great names too including Fresh Princess, Tropicana, Supa Dupa Fly and Velvet Grunge, who wouldn’t fall in love with Tezla? Even the product write ups are really fun and inspiring with fashion tips on how to wear your Tezla. However you wear your Tezla you can guarantee you will look fresh from day to night dressed up in bodycon or down in your trainers. Tezla works with everything as long as street style is your thing, which lucky enough for me, it is!

No Debutante Loves Tezla! Bristol Fashion Rocks!

No Debutante in her Tezla
 Neat Frontage Lookbook featuring Tezla Designs

 Neat Frontage and Tezla wearing their Tezla Watermelon earrings the only way they should be worn with a massive fruit headdress!

Tezla influences including Sotsass, Boom Things / Boom Nails, Missy Elliott, Neat frontage, That Thing and Yayoi Kusama

Tezla Round The Way Girls

 An Interview with Tezla


 What inspired you start Tezla?

I have always been interested in fashion especially streetwear & love 80s / 90s patterns. The start of Tezla was whilst being Manager of Dutty (now known as That Thing) where I had the chance to see behind the scenes of the independent creative world  Bristol had to offer. Being surrounded daily by local talent and the inspiring Joh Rindom & Louisa Jones (Owners of That Thing) it give me the push and support to start Tezla.
 What is your design background?

I haven't attended any art courses, it's only in my adult life I've taken a massive interest in it.

 Where did the Tezla name come from?

 My name is Terri so I have a lot of nicknames such as Tez, Tezza,Tezri etc after weeks of trying to come up with a brand name I ended up going for one of my nicknames for a personal touch.

 Whats your favourite thing about Bristol?

My favourite thing about Bristol is the variety it has. Everywhere you go you'll hear different accents/languages, see different fashion styles, eat at multicultural restaurants/stalls, the eclectic music art and festival scene and thriving creative independent scene from handmade soaps to lyrca jumpsuits. Bristol has it all and that's why it's unique it is a small city full of subcultures and something is always happening.

 Do you think Bristol needs to get more fashion media attention?

I agree there could be more media exposure, alot of magazine advertising is quite expensive for a small business and there are limited Bristol mags etc and with a creative hub like Bristol with so many designers spaces are competitive.

 Do you find bloggers a helpful source or a drain who just want to try and blag freebies for nothing?
 I think blogs are a great way to find out about new designers and they help support independent brands. I have found when a blog gets to a certain level they expect freebies without the the guarantee of any write up which I think is unfair.

Favourite designers / artists?

 Neat Frontage, That Thing, Boom Things/Boom Nails, Sottsass, and Yayoi Kusama.

 Current favourite record?

 I am a massive Missy Elliott fan so still loving WTF.
Current obsession?

I am obsessed with dogs. Currently looking to buy a flat/house so really excited about extending the Tezla fam with a fluffer!

Whats next for Tezla?

Things to expect from Tezla for 2016 are; new collection dropping end of Feb, collabs with some awesome Bristol designers and magazine in the pipeline, and we will be expanding the range from just jewellery so keep checking our website! www.tezladesigns.com

You can find Tezla Designs in stockists in Bristol, London and Barcelona, and trading at Bristol markets. For more details follow Tezla Designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 All photos except for the No Debutante image courtesy of Tezla Designs and all the lovely Tezla Round The Way Girls.

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