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Monday, 4 January 2016

Shop Dutty Rebrand

Although I love London, I find it very frustrating that the British fashion ideal seems to evolve or only gets considered from London's point of view, I live in Bristol and I realised I was obsessing over London based independent labels like Lazy Oafs and The White Pepper and not even looking at the rather brilliant and creative fashion scene right under my nose! Yes, I do still love these London fashion independents but consciously made the decision to support all things ship shaped and Bristol fashion as much as I possibly can.
You have already heard me mention the upcycling queens from Bristol's Kecks Clothing and Fix Up Look Sharp and sustainable fashion salvages from Bristol Textiles Recycling but I didn't manage to mention (or meet for that matter) Bristol's own 'Shop Dutty' until it was too late to spread the Dutty Love....Unfortunately by the time I met Shop Dutty owners Louisa Jones and Joh Rindom they were being forced to change their Dutty name following a two year battle with the Spanish fashion brand 'Massimo Dutti', owned by Spanish Giants 'Inditex' (who also own high street shops 'Zara' and 'Pull and Bear' amongst others) who won the battle to make the Bristol independent stop using the 'Dutty'  name as it was too similar to 'Massimo Dutti'. Go figure? Why would a massive co-operation make a small business on the other side of Europe change their name which isn't even spelt or pronounced the same way??? Shop Dutty is pronounced 'Du-tee' with Massimo Dutti being pronounced 'Doo-ti'. The big shame is that Bristol's small independent 'Shop Dutty' were forced to totally rebrand by the Spanish Fashion brand.

So, where do 'Shop Dutty' go from here? I spoke to Diss Miss from the former 'Shop Dutty' who told me how difficult it was to re-brand not just financially but also finding the perfect new name...'I could have designed for Dutty forever....You need to come up with a name that still suits the brand and works for us'.

image courtesy of That Thing

I found out the basic story from the Dutty girls themselves at a Bristol Fashion Forward event whilst we rummaged through the amazing £5 winter coats on offer from the BTR stall. They got some faux furs and I got an over sized Aquascutum trench coat (for a fiver!!!), if you were wondering. Feeling saddened and shocked by the news that their beloved 'Shop Dutty' would soon be forced to stop using the 'Dutty' name after 13 years of trading and under such ridiculous circumstances, I realised I should get involved somehow, although my time as a working Mum does keep the amount I can do to a minimum, I got home and followed the former 'Shop Dutty' on all social networks that I am involved with and just started spreading the love and forwarding any info on their 'crowdfunding' campaign  'The Dutty Whine Up' to help promote the massive party event which would feature a one-off fashion showcase X club night where the new name and first collection would be revealed, giving everyone a sneak preview to view and shop the new range.
As a thanks for sharing the Dutty rebrand love I was invited to attend 'The Dutty Whine Up' in exchange for a blog post and some photographs from the event. I had a great time (alongside my buddy Jodi) trying on the new range, taking photographs and dancing!! Thank you so much for inviting me!!

So what is the new name???

'As we come to terms with the result of the hearing, we are now looking at the outcome as an opportunity.  An opportunity to rise with a new energy and outlook.  The new name we have chosen is fitting with both the shop, brand and our ethos.  Above all, it is a name that we can see will grow far into the future.'

Drum roll pleeeease! The 'T' on my hand stamp on entry should have got me thinking about the name but I was clueless and as I walked into the big event space at The Old Fire Station Bristol, I read the words in giant shiny letters 'That Thing'. Instantly Jodi and I started to sing the Lauryn Hill song and it stuck. Even when you pass the shop on Bristol's Stokes Croft you see the That Thing, That Thing logo outside which always makes me sing it in my head. It's cool, it's 90s, it's hip Hop, it's street, it's perfect. I fell in love with a black mesh panelled oversize t-shirt/dress at the Dutty Whine Up and purchased my first That Thing item.

The 'That Thing' clothes shop also helps to promote up and coming local designers including ranges from Neat Frontage, Diss Miss Designs, House of Junk and Tezla Designs, which is great for the Bristol's home grown talent, with other ranges available from UK Independent designers including Cat Bros and the No Debutante favourite Kuccia. All ranges are available in the shop and will shortly be available online under thatthing.co. In the meantime check That Thing out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

image courtesy of That Thing

That Thing are all about streetwear chic taking inspiration from the fashion world and mixing it up with 90s music influences and styling including Hip Hop, UK Garage and Rave. The love of music doesn't stop there the That Thing girls are girls from the same heart as No Debutante with a love of fashion, DJing and putting on club nights! How our paths haven't crossed before is a mystery! The shop is so cool with their offices in the shop keeping everything close knit and making That Thing the perfect hangout for fashion, music and street style lovers alike. It is full of colourful street inspired fashion and fun accessories from local and national independent designers and even shelves crammed full of spray paints for Bristol's street artist enthusiasts, all this on Bristol's Stokes Croft, famous for its bars, independent shops and Street Art, including the including Banksy's Mild Mild West' mural. I was going to say the only thing missing from the That Thing shop were some decks but I'm sure there are probably decks in there somewhere!

Here are a few photographs that I managed to take (amidst all the fun I was having) at The Dutty Whine Up event featuring the first That Thing collection which is street and sportswear inspired including crop sweatshirts with matching tube skirts, oversized tees, cute shirts, varsity jackets and logoed up leggings in cute pastels and sheer panels for the girls and oversized sweatshirts, tees and hoodie jackets for the boys, all in graphic monochromes (for both ranges) and that new logo! I will keep you updated with more from the That Thing first collection as it is revealed! Exciting stuff! Jump in line London, Bristol Fashion is here to stay!

All images by No Debutante except the first two images courtesy of That Thing.

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