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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

No Debutante - Such an inbetweener

Hey hey! It's time to take a look at what I've been wearing lately in my first personal style post since my Post Pregnancy Posts - It's too early for that dress - came to an end. 
 I couldn't decide on/ come up with a new name for my personal style posts so it shall be named No Debutante after the blog, it's a little lazy of me but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The full name of this particular post is No Debutante - Such an inbetweener, a line taken from a 90s Britpop record by Sleeper and although I guess I am a bit of an inbetweener in the (my) fashion world it's just a good word to use instead of transitional fashion, meaning inbetween seasons. I personally found it hard enough to let go of my socks and layers and now you're telling me I have to put them all on again? I'd argue if I wasn't so bloody cold.....

Last days of summer and farewell to bare legs...It took me most of the Summer to pluck up the courage to go bare legged!! Above pic was taken at Legoland, this was the second outfit of the day after I got a soaking on the Log Flume, after queueing up for over an hour! I call this look The New-wave Girl Guide, well, I was prepared with my change of clothes in my denim studded Topshop rucksack!


Sixties Retro Cute

Sportluxe Punk

Creepers and leopard print leggings

 Sports Geek

I love my House of Holland socks!

Ellicott Road - our surname is Ellicott, so my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to take my photos (on our romantic night out) next to our road sign. No sign of Phil though, he's not so keen to be on my fashion posts! I was very excited to wear my Rock and Candy wedge baseball boots and my good ol' fake fur jacket!

My current obsession is studs!!
First I found the bag in Primark and then the shoes in Topshop. They look great with leopard prints and my mock leather jacket, I currently have my eye on a great studded leather jacket on Asos.com it's a little bit pricey but it is the best of all the ones I have seen on the high street. I tried Topshops version on and it was ridiculously cropped and skinny.....I want my studded leather jacket to be a bit baggy with a slight crop with room to wear over winter layers, basically it has to look like the one Madonna wears in Desperately Seeking Susan or I don't want it!
 Phew! I am actually up to date with my personal style images, that never happens. I shall be back soon with some more A/W 2012 inspirations. Thanks for reading, ND xx

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