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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Bang DJs at Hoochie Coochie....and all the clowns have gone to bed....

I am currently getting my latest costume and a collection of vinyl ready for a magnificent Halloween Ball hosted by the Hoochie Coochie at no less than the Bristol Museum tomorrow night....If it's good enough for Banksy, it's good enough for me!!! I still haven't managed to post about the last time the Bang DJs kicked out the jams at Hoochie Coochie so I best get my skates on before I have even more images to show you.
Please click on all images to enlarge.
The below images are from The Hoochie Coochie Circus Child Ball which took place in the Invisible Circus Big Top  in September (this is the second Big Top we have DJ'd in the first being at The Big Chill Festival, but now I'm just name dropping...) It was a great night and I have chosen to show you the more candid or backstage shots taken by myself and Phil as we got ready and roamed the event. Expect clowns, Dr Seuss style bikers, circus performers, strong men and Steampunks.

The last pics are of me walking home after a night of DJing, dancing and drinking. I am wearing half of my clown suit, carrying the strong men's weights (in one hand no less) and I appear to wearing sunglasses at night..........
My brother was confused that I was actually managing to pull this look off, he the said I was dressed like one of The Slits (kick ass all girl punk band and style icons) I was nothing but complimented by this statement...ND xx


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