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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Fantastic Fashion Front 2017

The fantastic Fashion Front fashion show returned to Bristol on Thursday 20th April. This year the show brought to us by the amazing Fran Rennison and the Tail End team mixing marvellous creations by many of our wonderful Bristol fashion designers including Neat Frontage, Laa Woof and Puckoo Couture, with a selection of upcycled and handmade items by a group of young people suffering from mental health problems in association with OTR (Off The Record). This was a vibrant and fun-filled fashion show that Bristol should be very proud of, move over London....Or is that move here from London?? 

This year's Fashion Front show didn't disappoint with even more amazing creations from all of the fabulous fashion designers (named below) with outrageous and spontaneous fashion models who added to the Bristol swagger, this show was off the hook!

Many of the garments from the show (and more) shall be available at the Fashion Front Bzaarr this weekend, so get down there, grab yourself some one-off, creative garms and support local! 

Neat Frontage


Tail End

Laa Woof

Evie Cowan

Photo credit @daniReidPhotograpy www.danireid.co.uk
Photo credit @daniReidPhotograpy www.danireid.co.uk

Fashion Front Row

Photo credit @daniReidPhotograpy www.danireid.co.uk

Photo credit @daniReidPhotograpy www.danireid.co.uk

The Designers include Evie Cowan, Neat Frontage, Laa Woof, Kokomo, Puckoo Couture, ZOTZ, Tail End, OTR designers, Fun Bags, Palace Flophouse, Burnt Soul, Shindig Village and Winifred Rose.

All images by No Debutante and @daniReidPhotography 

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