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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

That New Thing

No Debutante favourites and Stokes Crofts fashion darlings That Thing have launched an Interiors range mixing local designers creations with other independents work to create an amazing and contemporary interiors range consisting of succulent plant pots in hand painted prints & geometric carved shapes with handmade soft furnishings, contrasting against industrial copper pieces & vintage inspired lamps, with That Thing's own branded mugs, retro crochet blankets & a few animal curiosities here & there. An eclectic range of items to suit any modern vintage home. 

No Debutante attended the That Thing Interiors launch party and didn't leave empty handed, I had a chat with That Thing's Joh Riddom about the range whilst clutching at my newly purchased brass cactus hanging pot.

How is everything going at the 'That Thing' headquarters? 

That Thing is coming back out of hibernation mode after an extended sale in January. We made room for our new Interiors section, which launched mid-February, and now it's all systems go as we head towards new collections and festival season! It's a busy environment, and there is always a lot going on.

What inspired you to start the 'That Thing' interiors range?

"It seemed a natural progression to add Interior Accessories to our repertoire. I've always had a big fascination for homewares and interior design, and there are some great designers in this field in Bristol. I also wanted to refresh the store in other ways, like incorporating an all new Men's section, and the mezzanine floor that was previously our Vintage clothing section lends itself perfectly to having both of these sections represented properly, in their own right." 

That Thing's new menswear section, No Debutante is obsessing over those 80s shirts and copper piping rails! 

Are all the designers featured in the interiors range local to Bristol?

We've got exactly 60 designers in-store at the moment, and have just started a campaign on social media to highlight this. By far most of them are Bristol based, only around a handful come from further afield. It's monumental for us - supporting local up and coming designers sits right at the core of our ethos, and it's something we're immensely proud of. We started out with around 7 brands, and look how we've grown!

Who are the designers chosen for the range and why did you choose them? 

I wanted to make sure the interiors sections works the same as the rest of the shop, so it's to the same format in effect: Local designers, a few own-brand things and choice vintage items. So far we've got Homecrush, Dakota Rae Dust, Priormade, Miss4ire, RB Knitwear, among others, and then also a few That Thing own brand items. It's an area I look forward to adding more designers too, so if anyone would like to get in contact and submit their range, then I'd love to hear from them! 

What is your favourite item from the range, if you can choose?

Ooooh! This is so unfair and hard! -it's really impossible to choose..! So, ok, let me choose a favourite vintage piece and designer item:
My favourite Vintage item - it would have to be our little leopard statue! It's so adorable, and part of me secretly hopes we never sell him haha..
My favourite designer item would have to be the cushions by Dakota Rae Dust. They're absolutely gorgeous, she applies a whole range of technique to the process including fabric appliqué, vinyl transfers, printed appliqué, and both machine and hand-stitching, making each cushion unique!

Looks like someone else has their eye on that little leopard statue Joh!

Who is your favourite interior designers/artist?
Being half Danish, I feel like I can champion Scandinavian design here...And my favourite store would have to be the danish interior design store HAY. (there's a branch in Bath) It features a multitude of the best up and coming designers from Scandinavia and around the world. It sets a benchmark in design, but there is plenty of room for playful colours and ethnic trends, and that's refreshing. It's this mix and daring to be different that I like about the store. One of my absolute favourites would be Louise Campbell. It's my dream to own one of her chairs!

What’s your favourite thing about Bristol?

Fashion, Food, Nightlife, and culture! We're so lucky to live in Bristol - a diverse city with so much choice all around. I love how Bristol is full of little pocket sized neighbourhoods, and each one is totally unique. From Stokes Croft to Hotwells, from Southville to Easton, from Gloucester Road to the waterfront and Cargo... New things pop up all the time and I feel that Bristol embraces change, which is good.

What's your current favourite record?

I like to listen to a lot of mixes, mainly house, disco and hiphop. Its impossible to pick a favourite! We've got Anderson Paak on repeat at the shop at the moment - dreamy!

What's your current obsession?

Ooooh.. Ha! All things 'That Thing'! It is such an absolutely privilege to have my own business, employ some fantastic people, support up and coming designers, and give back to the community! Yes, it can be stressful at times, and obstacles have come in the way of success in the past, but I dedicate my time fully to That Thing, and I always just want it to be the best it can be. It's on my mind most of my waking hours, and I'm excited about the future!

What’s next for That Thing? 

We're busy planning ahead and will shortly see the release of our next collection - SS17. We're super excited to show it off, and will be celebrating with an event in-store (details to be confirmed). In addition to that we'll be welcoming in a host of festival fashion designers in May, and again - this will be celebrated with an event in-store. Other than that we have some bigger party plans up our sleeve, and some exciting collaborations too - but we can't spill the beans just yet...!

Knitwear designer Rhea Burns from RB Knitwear with her handmade Flamingo cushion

Ooooh! Well, No Debutante looks forward to the big That Thing announcement whilst drooling over all the amazing interior items! Want!

All photography by No Debutante

All items available at 
That Thing, 45-47 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QP

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