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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pretty Neat

Neat Frontage are a Bristol based design duo which includes Ruth Strugnell (also from Bristol's Fix Up Look Sharp) & Gemma Pope who specialise in creating one-off handmade streetwear  garms mixed with festival style, sportswear & bright colours! From metallic bodycon unitards, jazzy printed tailored items to block print oversized sweatshirts Neat Frontage know how to make you stand out from the crowd whether you are at a festival, a club night or just hanging out, Neat Frontage will brighten up your day with a pop!

No Debutante visited Neat Frontage in their vibrant & creative studio at The Island, Bristol to find out where the magic happens.....and to borrow some Neat Frontage goodies for a fashion shoot but more on that very soon! Coincidentally the Neat Frontage ladies also share their space with another No Debutante fave from the Bristol Fashion scene, Terri Young from Tezla Designs. Unfortunately, Terri was not around to chat but it was great to see the Tezla creative space & to be in the creative environment of some of Bristol's fashion family, I have to say it was very inspiring, a room full of dress mannequins, plants and clothing.... my gosh, I wanted to get my fabric shears out & start cutting up my imaginary new collection there & then! 

The Neat Frontage girls are always so bubbly & full of fun and have a hundred ideas & plans for what they are doing next whilst carrying out several projects at once & working their day jobs too! Its good to meet people who's lives also seem to be consumed by so many creative things at once whilst trying to support themselves (& in my case, their families) to make it all work. Bristol is not full of dreamers, it is full of do'ers, who will try their hardest to succeed whilst remaining inspired, creating a beautiful Bristol. Don't get me started on how Bristol needs to support its local designers....Bristol Fashion week??? Pah!

Neat Frontage are currently working on their latest collection & very kindly let me take a sneak preview, the stand out pieces at this point are the sheer black bodysuits with bold 90s inspired, block coloured shaped appliques, a beautiful matching block appliqued sheer kimono (everyone wants this piece of magic), cute black culottes with sportswear inspired sequined or metallic side panels & the very comfy oversized unisex sweatshirts in Mondrian style grids and jazzy prints that have pockets in, nothing gets me more excited then a dress or sweatshirt with pockets in! No Debutante loves this collection as does everyone I have shown it to! Nice One ladeez! Pow!

Watch this space for more on the Neat Frontage collection & the Bristol Fashion collaboration photoshoot featuring No Debutante, Anthony Prothero Photography, Neat Frontage, Tezla Designs, That Thing, House of Junk, House of Bendy & Jokoto Clothing. 

All Photography by No Debutante except for images 4 & 6 courtesy of Neat Frontage.

Thank-you very much to the lovely Neat Frontage for having me & for your help!

For more info on Neat Frontage follow them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/neatfrontage & on Depop.com

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