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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Culottes, Shorts and Batty Girls

No Debutante loves Culottes, this is clear. I have written several blog posts on my love for culottes and wide leg trousers over the past year or so, the last being in May this year where I obsessed over the latest cuts and styles of wide legged trousers and shorts in my Baggy Trousers post. I have clearly been influenced by this post as there has definitely been a rise in the amount of times I'm wearing these wide legged beauties and appear to have found many more images to collect on Pinterest too...I tell you I'm obsessed! 

Check out the latest looks in culottes, crop flares and wide legged shorts and get inspired for summer! I am loving everything that Batty Garage by Aymmy does especially their take on wide legged shorts and trousers in cool prints and plains and the whole fash clash mash up collection for Mui Miu Resort 2017, expect blog posts on both of these inspirational designers very soon on the No Debutante blog.

Culottes and wide leg cuts are gonna be real big for the next year too so a great investment to get your hands on! BTW wide leg cuts aren't just for the girls, check out the latest menswear styles from Ader and Alexander McQueen 2017 for inspo for the boys! 

No Debutante Loves......... Batty Garage By Aymmy

 Mix with sportswear for a modern way to wear your culottes

 Crop Flare Jeans
 Wear with wedge sandals for the summer months - Yayer & See By Chloe
 Crops'n' Crops
 Graphic Prints from the White Pepper

 Bargain Culottes Shorts Fashion Salvaged from BTR last year
 Mens wide leg shorts from Ader and Alexander McQueen 2017
No Debutante Loves........Oversize shorts from Miu Miu Resrt 2017

All images sourced from Yayer.com, Vogue.com, aymmy.com, en.adererror.com, 

No Debutante images Styling and Photography By No Debutante

All clothing from Batty Garage By Aymmy, Adidas, Fix Up Look Sharp, Urban Outfitters, Reebok Classics, Daks from BTR, Topshop, Yayer, See By Chloe Resort 2017,Tezla, The White Pepper, Pharrell Williams X Adidas, Super Lovers, BTR, Ader, Alexander McQueen & Miu Miu Resort 2017.

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  1. Culotte pants is a type of designer pants. These pictures are beautiful and attractive and I love the blue colored striped culotte pant. Thanks for sharing these interesting tips.

  2. Thanks for your comment @kleinsmith I love the blue culottes too. Follow my blog and social media for daily fashion pics and tips al on No Debutante xx


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