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Monday, 4 April 2016

No Debutante Vs Kecks Clothing - A Contradiction

My Bristol buddy and fellow fashionista mum Helen from Kecks Clothing has been taking part in a challenge set by Labour Behind The Label to wear only six items of clothing for six weeks, a challenge that I know I could never consider (as shallow as it sounds, I just love all of my clothes too much!!) so it's a challenge that I am very intrigued by and definitely wanted to find out more about as well as helping Helen promote her challenge.

Helen, loves fashion and clothes and works in an environment where she is surrounded by clothing everyday, new ones, coming in all of the time, can you imagine any fashionista resisting all the lovely new (or rather salvaged) clothes??? I know this is a personal challenge for fashion lover Helen who took on the fundraising challenge for Labour Behind The Label - a campaign that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry. 

The challenge itself is an anti Fast Fashion campaign, or a Fashion Fast as it's been named, against the fast fashion turnovers which now take place within the fashion industry. Fast fashion gets products onto the high street quicker, to meet the desire for new fashion trends, which can change on a 4 weekly basis now that social media spreads the word quicker than the monthly fashion mags used to. With the desire to sell more, consume more, make more, waste more causing a devastating effect on the people who make our clothes. 
This anti fast fashion challenge makes you look at how many clothes you are buying, wasting and hopefully will make you see that you can live with fewer items in your wardrobe and that you do not need to buy extra items just because they are cheap. Plus if the items are cheap, how low is the wage of the person making your cheap fast fashion?? Consider upcycling and fashion salvages to save items from landfill and get creative with upcycling your own clothes.

The Challenge

Helen's challenge is now completed. WELL DONE HELEN!! However you can still donate or help fundraise for  Labour Behind the Label, So dig deep people.

Helen chose her six items, which can be worn with any coats, shoes, accessories (and of course underwear) and then covered up her (already filled to the brim) wardrobe with a big sheet to stop her lusting after extra fashion items. Please check out how Helen is did on the Kecks Clothing blog.

Four weeks in  Helen had reported to No Debutante that having only six items of clothing to choose from each morning had made getting ready in the mornings simpler but she wishes she had chosen warmer items as the weather here in Bristol has been pretty cold the last few months.

 'But all in all, it's been good, despite a few moments of getting bored with the six items the challenge is going well and accessorising has really helped.' 

Check out Helens blog Kecks Online to find out how the challenge went for Helen.

Helen's Six Items for Six Weeks
  1. An extra large Pink Floyd t-shirt,
  2. Faded denim shirt,
  3. Black three-quarter length sleeve jumper,
  4. Black and white striped vest dress,
  5. Red wrap around dress
  6. Helen's favourite ripped skinny jeans  

 A few of Helen's six items in six weeks outfits - The perfect capsule wardrobe

I am almost intrigued enough by the challenge to have a go, how hard can it be? In contradiction, let's have a look how many items of clothing No Debutante has worn over the past six weeks........You may think I am not up to the challenge...I am honestly embarrased by what is coming!

No Debutante's items for 6 weeks
(this list has been shortened into basic terms otherwise we'd be here all year)

9 x Jeans / Trouser/ leggings 

12 x Tops including t-shirts, long sleeves and shirts

5 x jumpers and sweatshirts

3 x jackets

14 x dresses (yes, 14 dresses!)

3 x skirts

(Thank goodness I didn't have to declare all of the shoes and coats that I wore too!)

A small selection of the 45 items that No Debutante wore over six weeks! 

In conclusion, I would firstly like to justify that I am a total hoarder and I have owned a lot of my clothes for years, basically I become very attached to nearly every piece of clothing I own, I really do love my clothes, perhaps I don't need to own and keep this many clothes but I am not wasting clothes and sending them to landfill, I just want to save all the clothes from landfill.....and put them in my wardrobe.....ahem! I love fashion and changing my look so much that i don't think the Six Items challenge will make me stop wearing so many clothes but it does make me stop and think about how often I am buying items just because I think I need them or because they are cheap. Do I really need them??

Don't forget to  check out Labour Behind The Label to find out more about the workers who make all your fast fashion items and fundraising and Kecks Online  for ideas on upcycling and sustainable fashion. 

Perhaps in the very near future you may get to see a 6 items challenge from No Debutante.......Watch This Space...Why not try it youself or let me know how many items you have worn in six weeks, I bet you'll be surprised!

All photos, except for the No Debutante images, courtesy of Helen Brown at Kecks Clothing.

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ND xx

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