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Sunday, 15 November 2015

My 90s Wardrobe

It's no secret that I am nearly 40 years old, I could never have imagined as a teenager what my 40 year old self would be like but I'm not sure I would have believed that I would still own my teenage selfs clothing and be writing about it in my fashion blog. Fashion blogs didn't even exist when I was younger, hell, the Internet didn't exist when I was a teenager! 
So yeah, all the clothing (except for the footwear) in today's post where mine when I was a teenager, I discovered them in my loft about a year ago and knew I had to do a photo shoot for the blog of how I would style them up now. It has been a long time coming but here are they are worn No Debutante style circa 2015, I took the photographs in the evening and I kinda like the grainy, sepia effect on the photographs created by the low lighting in my loft and the shocking low quality flash on my Samsung Galaxy phone. I think it adds to the lo-fi, grungey 90s look of the shoot. 

As for the clothing itself, there are a few vintage pieces in there, that were vintage in the nineties too, the psychedelic floral maxi dress, the cord and plaid shirts and denim coat were all from vintage stores, my favourite used to be Uncle Sam's on Park Street in Bristol, which is still dressing Bristol's finest vintage lovers today and is coincidentally now owned by friends of mine. Funny how things turn out, isn't it?
 I was also a massive fan of a charity shops during the nineties and used to find no end of vintage Adidas and Fred Perry polos, charity shops are not as good as they used to be!! 
The contrast trim tees and dress were from my 90s favourites French Connection, Topshop and Westworld. The stripe skinny rib top is from Hennes (as H&M was known then), I owned so many skinny ribs, named skinny rib for the textured fine knit rib effect fabric which were worn skinny fit, the skinny t-shirt was a very important part of the mid to late nineties wardrobe and thanks to the return of all things nineties the skinny rib top itself is back with a vengeance on the high street in the from of crop tops and polo necks so go get yours now!

My husband and I did (or rather still do) own a fair bit of brown clothing from the 90s, (all vintage items from the 1970s) which was actually cool at the time, think Jarvis Cocker style indie retro geek chic. I have to confess that I am no longer a lover of brown clothing at all so I doubt these brown items will ever get to be reworn by No Debutante over the foreseeable future but being the fickle hoarding fashionista I am, one day, you never know......
I am a self confessed hoarder but ethically hoarding is a brilliant way reduce waste, save your clothes and upcycle them! So here's it is, My 90's Wardrobe worn and styled up over twenty years later xx

All clothing from 'No Debutante's 90's wardrobe ' except for the American Apparel socks, Dr Martens and pink platform Jellies from Primark. 

Photography and Styling by No Debutante

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