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Monday, 12 October 2015

Midi System

Another favourite skirt length of No Debutante's is the Midi skirt or in this case the 1950s circle skirt. When I purchased my first circle skirt I was well involved in the whole modern vintage / rockabilly look and I had only planned to wear it as a 1950s vintage item matched with 1950s gypsy tops and bustiers for the full blown fifties look. After a while I realised I wanted to wear the skirt more often than for my random vintage summer days and needed to move the circle skirt into the autumn and to fit my more contemporary but haphazard street style wardrobe. I started wearing my circle skirts with tucked in tees, crop tops and even mashed up in a grunge layered style which works well especially in the colder months.

Today you can see a few months worth of circle skirt outfits worn No Debutante style showing you how I wear my circle skirts all year round. Expect fashion mash ups and get inspired.

My circle skirts are from Vivien of Holloway (Day of the Dead print) and Loving Youth X Topshop (plaid print). Modern Vintage Queens Vivien of Holloway have an endless supply of beautiful 1950s circle skirts and it's cool to see Loving Youth remade vintage is still available at Topshop concessions too!

All clothing from Vivien of Holloway, Loving Youth, Topshop, Primark, Converse, Customised by No Debutante, Army Surplus, Adidas x Pharrell and The White Pepper.

Photography and Styling by No Debutante

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ND xx

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