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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dads Denim

This is not really an homage to Fathers Day but I would like to thank my Dad for these old jeans that have served as my favourite pair of denim cut offs over the past couple of years!

This also links in quite nicely with a Fashion Salvage event that I attended at the end of last week. The idea of the event was to create outfits from old discarded clothing and make them into something new. Much more on this amazing and inspiring event in the next blog post but I am definitely waving my Fashion Salvage upcycling flag in todays post.

As I said, this particular pair of denim cut offs we're customised from an old pair of my Dads jeans. They have been slowly falling apart for the past couple of years but this fits in nicely with the current over-ripped jeans trend. Wear yours with tights underneath for the colder days and layer up with oversize shirts and tucked in t-shirts No Debutante style.The tights or leggings look under the denim cut offs is also a good trick for people who like the over ripped denim look but don't want to reveal too much flesh! Go raid your Dad's and boyfriends wardrobes now for old denim pieces of better still go down to your local textiles / clothing recycling centre and bag yourself a pair and customised by you!!

Before I go, let's not ignore my lovely hologram Mary Jane shoes from Topshop. I love these shoes and they are so comfy and look great dressed up and down. The price was very reasonable too which was a bonus!
Well done Topshop!

All clothing from Topshop, Primark, Vision Streetwear and denim cut offs upcycled and customised by No Debutante. 

All photographs and styling by No Debutante

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ND xx

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