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Monday, 9 February 2015

Pretty Vacant

I wore my new favourite Organza embroidered Polka dot pink smock dress to work the other day and my fashionista work buddy and No Debutante blog admirer Carly remarked 'ooh, your new favourite dress!' Happy that my new favourite dress had been noted, I added that I just couldn't save my new favourite dress for best as (being a mother of three) I barely go out! Since it is my new favourite dress it needs to be worn....as many times as possible and in as many different ways as possible giving the illusion that my new favourite dress was actually a different dress every time I wore it. 
Here are two ways I have worn this White Pepper smock dress of loveliness lately. Inspired by Molly Goddard's styling skills of a t-shirt worn underneath a pretty sheer dress, I wore my Peach Maui T-shirt underneath the White Pepper slip dress and organza dress (comes as a set when you buy the dress) as you can see the t-shirt matched perfectly with the smock dress! I paired this with red ankle socks and creepers finished with a topknot in my hair. I am loving this outfit! I want to wear it again now!
The second outfit shows the Organza smock dress worn over a black bodycon dress, with platform boots and an oversized grunge cardigan, this time I did not use the slip dress. There are so many possibilities with this dress and that's why it is my new favourite!
 Please don't keep things for best, make the most of your wardrobe, it is more versatile than you think! Keep trying out different items together, try something new that you wouldn't normally do, layer things up and mostly don't worry what other people think. It's actually none of their business....

All clothing from The White Pepper, Primark, Underground at Office Shoes and Maui. 

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ND xx

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