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Monday, 23 February 2015

How No Debutante Wears A 1950s Circle Skirt

After a very busy weekend which involved DJing at my quarterly club night Bang and hanging out with my lovely cousins who had come to stay, I have finally been beaten, again, by a sickness bug. Well, I am not sick, I just feel like there is an elephant sat on my chest and although I do not have a sore throat, I have managed to totally lose my voice, which is not a useful thing lose when you are the mother of three excitable children, who can't seem to hear what you are saying at the best of times... Anyhoo, I am hopefully now on the mend and ready for some fashion blogging action. I have been liking and pinning all over the place on all social networking sites I follow for my love of all things from London Fashion Week. It is my favourite of all the Fashion weeks and I always tend to go for the more avant guarde Vs street style collections and London never fails to inspire me. Check out my Pinterest fashion board here to see my favourites from the shows so far (and much more), why don't you follow me whilst you are there, eh? 

Today's personal style looks include my Vivien Of Holloway 'Day of the Dead' print 1950s circle skirt. Midi skirts and dresses are all over the place at the moment in one guise or another but today I am rocking another Modern Vintage Mash up...Oversized T-shirts tucked into a 1950s circle skirt and worn with either 90s inspired platform boots or preppy Converse low tops. Wear with cute little cardigans and tights for the colder months and then lose both for the summer. Pretty versatile I'd say. What's next for No Debutante? Well, I am seeing this skirt worn with the oversized t-shirts but, to show off the skirts true potential and fullness, with a big petticoat under the skirt and perhaps some platform heels?? What do you think? Now to find the occasion to wear it....

Thanks for following fashionistas, see you again soon for some more fashion fun. 
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