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Monday, 25 February 2013

Grow Grow Grow!!!

As you probably know by now, I have been painfully growing out an undercut for over a year. In hope that you feel my pain I am being brave and showing you how my hair looks down, with no styling, which I never do. The reason being my hair currently resembles a mullet! Now, about 10 years ago I confidently pulled off a mullet hairstyle but it ain't happening now, no way! The reason I have the mullet is that I have been encouraged to keep growing my hair fully, by my lovely hairstylist Vikki Mac and not to cut it into a one lengthed bob, (which would be the obvious mid length haircut choice) as the sides are still not very long and my hair would still look like a short style -which I do not want! I like to give (myself) the illusion of longer hair....Oh, the possibilities!!!
Here are some photos of my hair down and how I style my hair to make it look better! I have followed a few tutorials on youtube on how to style up short hair into 1950s / rockabilly styles, all you need to know is backcombing is your friend!
Uh oh! Here come's the mullet!

(not straightened and due a cut)

( a bit of backcombing and many hairgrips later)

I just twist the ends up and pin the hair in place using hairgrips quite randomly, we are not after perfection here but it still needs to stay up and manages to look good.

Add a headscarf and after backcombing the fringe until its massive I then smooth it down a little and victory roll it up! Easy!

My head is pretty small so I need alot of volume in there to keep the headscarf in place, I backcomb the whole head!

The above photos were taken after a visit to Vikki Mac for a trim, my usual platinum colour followed by a peach toner this time!
Vikki had also straightened my hair and  insisted I wear it down in this style as this hair worn behind the ear look is very cool at the moment........I'm still seeing mullet!
However, the colour is cool and it's a vast improvement on the top images!!

Here's the peach toner rocked up into the victory roll and clashing up marvellously with my pink headscarf and the Louise Gray dress! I performed in the Bang Band after this photo was taken.....but that's another story!
Hope you enjoyed this post of the good and the bad hair moments from No Debutante. I hope you are inspired to style up your hair!?
Expect lots of my latest fashion moments from the next post. Enjoy your hair! ND xx

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