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Monday, 18 June 2012

It's too early for that dress....Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 8

Prints in May

It's time for the next instalment of my catch-up Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas. It's mid-June now and the sun is shining today which I am very grateful for, it has been so depressing here in the UK with all this Summer rain!!!
The next series of post pregnancy outfits are all print inspired, there isn't too much, if any at all, of my usual print clash shenanigans but each outfit has to be comfortable as I am a mother of three children who have me running about like a mad woman...oh...right...like an exhausted Mum with three children would, I s'pose. I always attempt to look like I have made an effort and try not to give in to wearing jeans every day to make life easier...I do love a challenge or to make life more difficult, some might say....I will not give in!!

Ohhh! A little bit of tiger print body-con, on the school run?? Oh yes! Am I holding my stomach in and creating a flattering waist shape with my hands in the top image?? Oh yes! Fashion tricks....Tyra Banks would be so proud of me!

Tiger print body-con dress from Topshop, Leopard print cardigan (always mix your animal prints) from Primark, Cats eye sunglasses from Asos and the good ol' red Converse low tops.

I wouldn't call this clashing as somehow I have managed to co-ordinate the whole outfit, which is very unlike me. It is very bright however, which IS very me and it's mega comfy and a little bit punk.
I'm sure you've seen me wear this before but it is a great alternative to jeans.

Blue knit from Topshop, customised with rips by me, Digital floral trousers, green vest and socks also Topshop. Red Converse.

I was in an experimenting mood on this day, inspired by 1980s maxi dresses mixed with 90s grunge layering. I'm still not sure on this look but I like that it's something different from me. I am still battling with the Post Pregnancy belly, I'm not sure I still had a belly at this point after having my boys, I guess I hadn't had three kids then either and I'm quite sure I didn't eat half as much cake!!

Sonic Youth tee from Urban Outfitters, Madonna jersey maxi dress from Topshop and Leopard print Converse low tops.

I fit into my playsuit!! I love my playsuit and, stupidly, it was one of the first things I tried on after I had Sylvie (look at the little cute baby in the picture, I love her so much!!) and the disappointment and realisation of my new size kicked in!! Many months later I tried the playsuit on and it fits just fine. It, of course, now clings a bit to my little pot belly that doesn't want to leave me, just yet, but it's not too bad and my husband says he doesn't even notice that. As most women I know, I have taken that the wrong way, Phil must be either 'just saying that to make me feel better' or he is trying to tell me I have 'always had this pot belly!!' He will never win either way. Thanks for your attempt at making me feel better Phil!!

The conclusion today seems to be that I am obviously obsessed with my Converse flat tops, they are my thing, my wardrobe staple (well, let's not forget blue eye shadow), It was nice to see the appearance of a tailored item (the playsuit) after all that lycra/ jersey too and I would like to stand up for jeans, I do love jeans, I have many pairs but I always try to wear them as part of an outfit, not as those things I just throw on with anything, where's the fun in that??
Love your jeans!!! ND xx

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