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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's too early for that dress....Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 7

I'm sorry it has been a while since my last post but I have been very busy having a Birthday, attending my club night Bang and having a family camping holiday in the Great British wind and rain. Although it is now June (a very cold and wet June might I add) I now have a backlog of my style photos going back into May. The weather has been pretty much dictating what I can wear and during May we were lucky enough to get a couple of weeks of sweltering hot sun and, loving summer clothes, I certainly took advantage of that summer weather!

I am going to run through a few looks that seem to be trending with me at the moment, I have named the first look that I am going to show you today, this short and unfussy title....ahem... 'The 1950s dragged through the 1980s in stripes and denims'.

1950s versus the oversized grandad cardigan. You always need a cover up in the UK, just in case!
These are my new favourite 1950s cut jeans from Vivien of Holloway, I was a little terrified of them when they arrived but they are mega comfy and they help me move further away from those skinny jeans that I have been wearing....forever!! Oversized Cardigan from Primark and my good ol' Breton tee from H&M.

 Bright light bright light!! I didn't set this soft focus purposely but hey I am getting older, I need all the help I can get to achieve this pin-up look!

More over exposure, it was hot and bright, but not that bright. Let's check out the look here....a bit of double denim, eh?? I hate the sound of it but I am working it here I reckon and is that a crop top??The only way for me to get away with wearing a crop top ever again is to wear one with high waisters. I love these tapered jeans that I picked up in Japan on my honeymoon nearly three years ago!!?? Time has gone so quickly. I guess I did have a baby and that, it makes sense... the denim shirt is from Topshop a fair few years ago and the striped crop top was picked up in the New Look sale for my holiday last year.

Enjoying the sun whilst it lasted!! Please come back summer!
Accessories throughout were my swallow necklace from Accessorise, Cats eye sunglasses from Asos and my red Converse low tops. My school run staple!!

The next post shall be the next instalment of my Post Pregnancy fashion moments in May and will feature a lot of prints, I do love prints!! Phil (my husband) said I couldn't really call this post my Post Pregnancy post anymore as I had lost the baby weight, but I haven't, I'm still a stone heavier than I was before pregnancy and they say you do not truly lose all the baby weight until 9 months after the baby is born, as it takes 9 months to get so fat in the first place!! I'm not sure I believe in that sort of nonsense though to be honest but I will only continue with this post up to 9 months maximum just so I can have some closure, whether I have actually achieved my old weight or not, I'm not dieting, I am just relying on the school run and plan old luck!....ND xx

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