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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sportsluxe Superstars

Following the last post on the way No Debutante wears Sportsluxe, I stumbled across a post on the British Vogue website from February this year. I was attracted by the bright colours,the contemporary graphics similar to those all over the Lazy Oafs and The White Pepper blogs and clothing, the photo shoot styling and of course the sportsluxe inspiration.

 Let me define what Sportsluxe means for me personally, it doesn't mean sportswear covered in bling or made out of luxurious fabrics, for me it is a contemporary take on sportswear, its casual but its high fashion mixing bold graphic prints, colour and sportswear inspired fabrics updating traditional sportswear pieces into a street style look which can be dressed up or down. Although Stella McCartney creates functional sportswear items too, I am only focusing on the fashion side today. 

The post in question was featured in the Miss Vogue / Fashion / Lookbook section on the Vogue website under the title Stella Sport Zine. The gallery of images which followed were part of a Fanzine style collaboration between London's cool girl Zine Queen Lotte Andersen and Adidas to create an inspiring zine for their Stella Sport range. I was instantly attracted by the bold fanzine cut and paste graphics,  the colour, the sportsluxe styling and the mates as models photo shoot.

Teen Vogue named it 'A celebration of all things girl power, injecting a new energy into young women and sport'  I'm not sure about girl power, it all sounds a bit Spice Girls to me, I'm more of a Riot Grrrl and whats this about young women eh? Maybe I shouldn't look too far into it since it was an article in Teen Vogue! Nevertheless, I loved the whole fanzine look and of course the sportsluxe itself, it's an inspiring shoot and makes me want to design a fanzine today... If only I had the time...Here come my favourite images from the StellaSport Zine plus some more sportsluxe gems to follow!

I have also been collecting Sportsluxe images on Pinterest after recently discovering the Pharrell Williams / Bae Mette / Adidas Originals collaboration in Urban Outfitters. I was immediately attracted to it by the large Polka dots and the Original Adidas logo emblazoned across the front of the vests and crop tops, with matching skater skirts, sports shorts and jogger pants. I have loved Adidas Originals since I was a little kids and had an affair with it during the 90s old school Brit Pop era with charity shop finds of the original 70s /80s jackets and skinny tees. I am not to keen on the styling here I think they need a No Debutante X Adidas styling collaboration to clash things up a bit, you know where I am Adidas! I am so buying myself a piece from this, actually reasonably priced, range as soon as I get paid! Here are my favourites from the Collection....Now what to buy, the mesh vest, oversized t-shirt or a crop top?????

 All clothing from Adidas StellaSport & Adidas Originals X Pharrell Dear Baes Superstar

All images courtesy of vogue.co.uk, Lotte Andersen X Adidas, Adidas.co.uk & urbanoutfitters.com

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