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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie

OK, so here it goes my first blog/ post,whatever you wanna call it, and it's about my current dilemma / obsession to find clothes to wear whilst my ever expanding baby tummy, well.... expands!

 My aim is always to stick to my own style and not have the bump dictate what I wear, steering clear of as much maternity wear as possible. Luckily, I do love a bit of lycra bodycon (I'm obsessed with American Apparel) and there are also loads of elasticated waisted bright patterned trousers in Topshop & H&M at the moment, so I'm loving it.

 Last time I was preganant with my second son Mika back in 2006 there was an non-pregnant friendly obsession for the 1950s, nipped in waists etc, which was frankly..depressing...i spent most of the time in skinny black Topshop maternity jeans and a ripped ramones tee. But then I had to be thankful for those skinny black maternity jeans as Topshop had only just launched their maternity range that year. When I had my first son in 2004 maternity items were, shall we say, crap. I purchased no maternity items with this preganancy, i wont even go into what was actually on offer. I wore handmade (by Phlem , my fashion label from the early 2000s, quick pug there) customised tees, dresses and jean skirts most of the time. So here it is........

 18 Weeks

20 weeks
 Elastic waist Topshop trousers from Phil
 for my birthday (not maternity!!) Love it!

 21 weeks....and growing....im my favourite H&M
bodycon dress for about 8 quid!I have several of these.     
There is black theme running through this month,
although I am a clashing colours girl, black is my
 new best friend. Must add more colour next time!!
The photos are of me in my current pregnant state, no make-up and all that, from week 18 -week 21, more from this topic will follow every few weeks so you can see how fat I get and what I wear. There will be other posts on totally unrelated fashion based topics, but as it is, I am pregnant and it will get mentioned...not to be a pregnant bore, I am a fashion obsessive!

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